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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Molly Bandelli at 10:22PM
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Blog posting written by Molly Bandelli, Television and Radio, minor in Sociology, ‘20, FLEFF Blogging Intern, Westfield, NJ.


If you walked around the Ithaca College campus this week, the odds are that you have seen a flyer promoting the Passion Project’s fundraiser, “The Red Party”, that took place last Thursday. The flyer immediately catches the eye, with the color red dripping down on the white background.


But how often do we ever look behind the event, to see how these fundraisers are organized?


Cue Kylee Roberts, the “inside woman”.


“I like being on the inside and knowing how things work,” said Roberts.


Starting from a young age, Roberts has always been intrigued in understanding how things operate and are organized. It began with an introduction to New York International Children's Film Festival from her mother.


“I found myself interested in how they chose the films, what's the process in that? Who are the important people behind this? What happens to the film afterwards,” explained Roberts.


Roberts saw the opportunity to apply her interest in understanding things from “the inside” by becoming a Communications Management and Design major after being exposed to the POC at IC her freshman year.


“The POC at IC movement helped me realize that although I was interested in telling people’s stories, I wanted to help make the change. CMD helps me develop skills to create organizations, to organize organizations, to keep things together and rolling,” said Roberts.


Roberts is a Co-Founder of the Passion Project. Passion Project is a multimedia-online editorial that places emphasis on ensuring that people’s voices are heard. As Co-founder and Digital Director, Roberts is responsible for assisting in the organization of all events, managing her own podcast, and overlooking all digital material published on the site.


Roberts work with Passion Project allows her to continue to pursue her passion of working from within the inside, as does her work as a FLEFF intern blogger.


Since her days attending New York International Children's Film Festival, she has always been interested in learning more about the festival industry and how they operate. Interning as a FLEFF blogger provided her with that opportunity.


“I didn’t realize how dependent a festival was on the location of it. I didn't really think about that before  Dr. Zimmerman began discussing it. But it makes sense. The fact that we are an Environmental Film Festival doesn’t mean we are just talking about environmental issues, we are also talking about what surrounds us. And a place like Ithaca is a perfect place to have that,” explained Roberts.


Roberts also looks at FLEFF as an opportunity to continue to improve her non-fiction writing skills. She sees it as a chance to work on the authenticity of her writing.


It's always really great to write about things you have no idea about. I feel like when you dive into a new topic that you’re unsure of, you’re going to get the best story possible because if you’re going to write about something you're too close to, you’re going to miss something. So, me writing about festivals is completely authentic because I have no idea how to run a festival,” said Roberts.


During FLEFF week, you will be able to find Roberts at the roundtable events. This event, run by Dr. Andrew Utterson, will consists of scholars, filmmakers, producers, and distributors discussing the industry.


“All in all, I am very excited for FLEFF week. I feel like being a blogger and a staff member at that time is really cool. But I’m also excited for the t-shirts,” Roberts said.


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