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Posted by Blaize Hall at 4:08PM

Blog post written by Blaize Hall, Television-Radio Communications, '15, FLEFF blogger, Georgia, VT

Dissonance.  The word strikes a chord within every musician who toils over notes that clash while simultaneously creating the esoteric thrill appreciated by those who thrive on disharmony.  Dissonance; A word that evokes images of unsettled, restlessness.  It is a word that embodies the quintessential human experience of dischord.  We all need it.  Humanity craves disagreement for the ways that it fuels the process of wrestling with theoretical challenges and being able to come to more solid personal conclusions through the struggle.  FLEFF assistant, Tiffani Amber Muller, explained "Dissonance is something we don't necessarily stop to think about but we do experience every day of our lives". 

The clash of ideologies has existed as long as there has been more than one person on the world, essentially for all time.  Sometimes we break these contradictions into universally understood boxes of thought.  The issue with this system lies in the fact that people are multifaceted, and the pieces of who we are don't always add up to fit into these groupings of thought created by society.  Dissonance is a word that exemplifies all human conflict and disagreement.  If we can allow ourselves to be open to this conflict not only between the different schools of thought with which we are comfortable seeing disagreement, but even among them, we can break new ground. 

As we focus on dissonance as the theme of FLEFF 2014, we can prepare ourselves for the exciting opportunity to have our perceptions challenged, to meet disagreement with an open mind, and to allow ourselves to learn through the process of experiencing disharmony.  Tiffany Amber Muller shared her thoughts on the theme for the festival.  "I think its gonna be really eye opening, I think it's a unique theme, and I think it's a very broad spectrum. It allows new doors to open."  I hope we all get to experience something at this year's festival that makes us uncomfortable and forces us to grow.  I hope for conversations that display disagreements on the front lines, for films that cause us to fight for what we believe, and for lingering questions that unsettle us and inspire us to seek for answers in new places.  Bring on the dissonance. 

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