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Posted by Haley Stearns at 8:12PM   |  1 comment
Dissonance sparks & ignites

Blog post written by Haley Stearns ’15, FLEFF Blogger

When I think of dissonance, I think of friction, clashing, disharmony, and conflict. I think of arguments, and the way that dissonance has the power to challenge our points of view, to push us outside of our comfort zones, and to consider something that we had never considered before. When I think of dissonance, I think of FLEFF and the ways in which this year’s theme of Dissonance will generate discussion and growth throughout the festival.

It goes without saying that I am incredibly excited about the theme this year.  When one originally stumbles upon the concept of dissonance, it’s highly likely that they are not attracted to its definition. It can be hard to embrace a word that is centered on discord, irresolution, and disharmony. However, when considered further, it becomes clear that dissonance is incredibly helpful, if not essential, in expanding our horizons and exploring new concepts.

I had the opportunity to interview Chenruo Zhang who works as an assistant to the co-directors of FLEFF. I made a point to ask her how she thinks dissonance affects the world around us and her response was incredibly insightful and poetic. “I think people are motivated by dissonance because it brings us opportunities to see differences, and leads us to think about the world…it encourages us to break the old rules, and be able to speak up.”

I wholeheartedly agree with Chenruo. In my own life, I have faced dissonance on a daily basis. We all know how it feels to face a challenge. Sometimes it may seem to defeat you, to ruin your spirits, and challenge you in a way that makes you question your ability in overcoming whatever it may be. Facing that kind of dissonance in our lives gives us the opportunity to grow. It allows us to move forward, conquer our challenges, and ultimately become a better version of ourselves.

I am incredibly excited to explore the theme of dissonance throughout FLEFF this year. I think that we will all be challenged in our viewpoints and our beliefs. I believe that from these challenges, we will experience a higher level of knowledge, growth, and excitement than ever before.

Are you looking forward to applying this year’s theme of dissonance to your own perception of the world around you?




1 Comment

I mentioned being pushed out of one's comfort zone in my blog as well! It's so interesting to read everyone's unique interpretation of this year's theme. I like what you said about dissonant work helping us to explore new concepts. Sometimes it takes some really unusual pieces to help us find new things we like!

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