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Posted by Lydia Lepinski at 2:39PM
FLEFF blogging intern, Lydia Lepinski

By Lydia Lepinski, Integrated Marketing Communications with minors in Anthropology and Live Events Design and Management, '22, FLEFF blogging intern, Metuchen, New Jersey

The theme of FLEFF 2020 this year is INFILTRATIONS, which covers a variety of topics related to environmental, health, and political infiltration. 

Infiltration; a word in which I think of something that isn’t wanted or enjoyed. A strategic tactic used by humans to take over a position of power or land. Natural disasters devastating thousands of families. Social media corporations creating algorithms that censor our timeline.

Social media platforms, like Twitter, utilize an algorithm to create individualized timelines for users. While specialized advertisements and posts are shown on your timeline, it also goes as far as specializing the user’s discover page. For example, when I open my discover page right now, the type of content I see is about Harry Styles, the Super Bowl, and pop culture. Others may have content about different celebrities, politics, and other niche interests. This type of programming enhances users’ experiences and make it easier to find posts relevant to them. 

While having a timeline and discover page specified to my interests is convenient, it limits the content of what I could see. A majority of people within my generation receive most of their news through social media platforms. With an algorithm that only depicts information the user agrees with, it causes the user to be less informed. Ultimately, creating a society of lesser informed people. 

With social media platforms and national news sources, like Twitter and Fox News, portraying bias content, it is important to utilize various independent news outlets to receive unbiased information.

The Intercept is one of many independent news organizations that conducts investigative journalism to expose corruption within countries and politics. The Intercept covers stories based on a variety of topics such as politics, national security, technology, world news, and more. The Intercept is a programmed guest for this year’s festival. They embody FLEFF 2020’s theme of INFILTRATION because they go through unwavering lengths to uncover the truth. 

FLEFF 2020 will create a platform for guests to dive into various types of infiltration. FLEFF itself fits the theme as it creates an environment in which the films, presentations, and artworks programmed will infiltrate and challenge guest’s perceptions. 

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