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Posted by Noah Dunne at 3:47PM
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By Noah Dunne, Exploratory student with a minor in Honors, '23, FLEFF blogging intern, Beverly, Massachusetts.

Infiltrations to me has always meant some sort of undetected invasion, whether it be military, digital or environmental. It involves some sort of undetected entrance. In the context of this years FLEFF festival, I have learned that infiltrations represent the purpose of the works being shown.

These works infiltrate government norms and work to make people uncomfortable with the realities of modern global issues. Films and artwork at this festival choose to infiltrate what we are used to and show us something new, driven to disrupt what we know. They work to infiltrate our way of thinking so that we may adopt a new mindset, or open new doors we never thought possible.

As for my questions, I wonder how infiltrations will show in the festival as it plays out? Will each work be somehow related to infiltrations or is it simply an overarching theme? I only wonder because I want to know if I should be looking for hints of this theme in every event I attend, and if so, I could write an interesting blog about how each work involves infiltrations.

If we look at past FLEFF festivals with the lens of infiltration, one will notice that many of the works have a sort of correlation with the word, even while it wasn’t the main theme of the festival.

For instance, The River Runs Red by Isabelle Carbonelle which is an eye-opening work about pollution and environmental devastation caused by the collapse of dams and other industrial structures. Not only does the film itself infiltrate the industrial horrors, but the cinematography also experiments with camera placement, like having shots filmed from the backs of animals. This is no doubt a form of infiltration and goes to show that these themes are interlaced throughout the festival and it’s past.

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