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FLEFF Intern Voices

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Elma Yedda Gonzalez at 11:14PM   |  Add a comment

1. Be flexible

FLEFF bloggers are not just writers or armchair theorizers. We are part of the staff, which means our job goes beyond attending the festival and writing about it. Sometimes we need to pass out fliers, we need to converse with guests, or we need to promote the festival in a flash mob and attract audiences. We need to be flexible with our time and our work.

2. Be open-minded

The festival showcases more than films. To be able to experience everything the festival has to offer, one has to attend the lectures about journalism or the talks about Russia, the silent film screenings with a live music performance, or the classic music concert. One needs to attend the parties at Argos Inn and chat with filmmakers and scholars about the film industry or about foreign policy. Bloggers need to take everything in, digest it, and communicate it to the world. Be open minded, and step out of your comfort zone.

3. Talk to guests

FLEFF doesn’t have a red carpet, it doesn’t bring in Hollywood actors, and it doesn’t hold private parties for VIP guests. Instead FLEFF brings in media producers that attend the festival for the sole purpose of discussion. As a blogger, one is expected to approach guests, ask questions, spark discourse, and maybe, just maybe, build connections and establish friendships. FLEFF is not interested in bringing people who are unapproachable or untouchable. Starting conversations with strangers can be daunting sometimes, but bloggers must remember guests are here because they want to participate in intellectual discourse.

4. Use social media

In a digital age where a large number of people get their news from facebook, it is important to keep the audience engaged through social media as well. Festivals foster great face to face interaction, but live blogging or live tweeting (#FLEFF), can reach distant audiences and attract more people to the festival. Additionally, most college students, being digital natives, feel the need to share their experiences with the world through Twitter or Facebook, and using social media provides the perfect platform to gauge feedback from the audience about the festival.

5. Take friends

As a blogger, you will work hard to preview the festival through blog posts about the events, Q&A’s with guests, and film summaries. It only makes sense that you would share your hard work with friends and family, and ultimately invite them to attend the festival. Take friends so they can see what you so enthusiastically wrote about in a preview post. 


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