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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Kaley Belval at 7:36PM   |  1 comment
Megan Butterfield

 Blog Posting Written by Kaley Belval, Documentary Studies and Production '15, FLEFF Intern, Woodbury, CT

"I think that FLEFF is giving me the knowledge of one option of how to show films or documentaries," said freshman Megan Butterfield. "I’m a TVR major concentrating in documentaries, and I think that any opportunity to see professionals at work can help you learn and inspire you for your future."

As an intern, Butterfield has been hearing from a lot of professionals in the field of communications and even though they are not necessarily within her major, she finds them both fascinating and informative. 

The theme of microtopias is something that not many people know about, but FLEFF is beginning to educate people interested in the festival about its meaning.

"I had never heard of microtopias before; I think it's a really neat concept and I'm excited to explore it through film and other art forms," she said.

Her own personal microtopia, she believes, would be the Horton Center due to the human connections she has made, along with the natural environment and the comfort she feels when she goes there. 

 One of the roles that interns have is to create an installment on the academic quad made entirely out of recyclable materials spelling out the word MICROTOPIAS. 

"I'm really excited about the art opening part of FLEFF; I think it's an added bonus of being an intern, that we get to create an art piece out of sustainable materials," said Butterfield.

She said that she is extremely glad that she applied to be a FLEFF intern and received the position. 

"People should go to FLEFF because it’s a high quality film festival right here in Ithaca," she said. "It’s an opportunity that you would not get at a lot of other colleges or small towns to experience internationally known films; I don't know why people wouldn't attend."

Butterfield is a freshman TVR major from Richmond, New Hampshire. 

1 Comment

I would love to know more about the 'Horton Center' you mentioned, since Megan stated it would be her Microtopia!

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