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Posted by Melani Lopez at 9:30PM
Melani Lopez-FLEFF Blogger

Blog Posting by Melani Lopez, Film, Photography, and Visual Arts ’17, FLEFF Blogger, Houston, TX


Before I formally introduce myself, I would just like to say how thrilling it is to be a part of the FLEFF 2015 staff as a blogger. I’m eager to experience the festival from behind the scenes and provide insightful posts about festival events with the community. I also look forward to contributing to the conversation of this year’s theme: HABITATS.


My name is Melani Lopez. I am a sophomore Film, Photography, and Visual Arts major with a minor in Art. Attending Ithaca College has given me the opportunity to pursue my passions in a way I never dreamed possible. Growing up I had so many interests that I actually came to college as an exploratory student with no inkling as to what subject(s) I should dedicate my life. I’d always had a soft spot in my heart for the arts, but it wasn’t until my second semester as a freshman that I found a home in both the Roy H. Park School of Communications and the Cerrache Center. I would be lying if I were to say I figured it all out on my own, since I had the generous support and assistance of some incredible faculty members.


The one course that pushed me to declaring my cinephilia, and ultimately my major, was Cinema Production 1. It was in this class that I was able to make my first film. The project challenged, stressed and pushed me to my absolute limit-and I cherished every single moment of the process. I embraced any difficulty that came my way with open arms, and by doing so, I was able to inject myself-heart and soul-into a project like never before. Everything clicked into place and made sense. This film was mine; I was its creator. With the aid and inspiration of the professor, I discovered a talent and devotion for communicating myself through my art.


I found a voice.


As much as I’ve enjoyed my education in Ithaca so far, I often long for the comfort of my home, especially during the winter months. Being from the beautiful and bustling city of Houston, Texas, my definition of winter was, until a year ago, limited to “cold” 30-degree weather spanning the duration of a couple weeks in January.


Growing up in such a big city provided a great opportunity for education. I’m not only talking about a classroom setting, but also the experiences gained from being a part of such a diverse cultural (and Southern) community. From the enlightening exhibits of the museum district and breakthrough research of one of the nation’s largest medical centers, all the way to the quirky creativity of the Heights and beautiful landscapes of Midtown, Houston always has something to offer. I could go on and on, so if you want to know more, feel free to ask me. I adore bragging about my hometown.


I plan to take the insatiable curiosity instilled in me by my educational experiences thus far and applying it to my upcoming FLEFF involvement. I’m anxious to have my first encounter with FLEFF be as a blogger, but I’m prepared to immerse myself in the festival and learn and grow alongside my fellow staffers.


Let’s get started!


I'll leave you with a question:

What thoughts do you have on this year’s FLEFF theme: HABITATS?

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