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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Cindy Yong at 8:36PM
Picture taken at Niagara Falls in Canada during a college trip.  This was also the first time I used my passport!

Blog posting written by Cindy Yong, Writing and Biology ’16, FLEFF Blogger, Eagleville, PA

            Nestled onto the couch in her usual spot, my friend looked up from her Mac screen and asked, “What happened to you?”  She was talking about my five-hour disappearance the previous night.  Time well spent learning about film festivals and being a part of the Fingerlakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) team.

            Every detail is nurtured in film festivals.  FLEFF is more special in the way that it is 1 of 15 environmental film festivals in the world and only does global programming.  This is an innovative, open experience that Ithaca, NY provides for its community.  The theme for the 2015 18th annual production is HABITATS.

            But who am I to be a FLEFF blogger?

            I am a junior at Ithaca College double majoring in Writing and Biology with a minor in Honors.  I am the 5’ 1 ¾” student with uneven brown eyes, high-arched eyebrows, cheeks that blush too easily, and an honest smile who is always hustling from CNS to Smiddy.  I am Korean-American and the youngest in my family or what is called the “mangnae.”  I’m from a suburb town called Eagleville, PA (where Wawa exists and where I can say ‘water-ice’ with no strange looks); I also spent a lot of time in Kennett Square, PA, the mushroom capital of the world.

            It might be obvious, but my parents shaped my character in unknowing ways.  I am first generation, and it is always humbling and encouraging to reflect on how much my parents have persevered.  My dad started a mushroom farm business over twenty years ago – my parents as a team do everything from raw materials to delivery.

            It seemed to me that my parents did an impossible amount of work each day, and sometimes they were met with little reward.  I am constantly exposed to their hard-driven work ethic, which inspires me.  I want to likewise be a self-starter. 

            Through my classes, I’ve grown to appreciate the philosophy that a writer can never be ‘done’ with a piece.  Once, my professor was doing a public reading of her essay, and while she spoke, she also frequently paused to edit a word with a scrawl of her pencil.

            I want to constantly improve, but I grapple with complacency.  I want to expose myself more to the world, since I’ve experienced only a small facet.  If “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page,” then imagine how much more I could grow?  I always treasure a first experience.

            FLEFF is a new experience where I’ll participate in the inside look of what makes this organization function as a whole.  I look forward to the international reach of this festival and to host a diversity of events.

            Through FLEFF, I’ll definitely be immersed in a different environment, and I welcome others to join us!  Who knows how FLEFF could change you?

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