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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Jessica Competiello at 7:14PM

Blog posting written by Jessica Competiello, Integrated Marketing and Communications, ’20, FLEFF Intern, Jefferson, New Jersey. 


Over the past eight years I have ran about 5,000 miles training for track meets.  The feeling of my lungs burning for air and my legs painfully seizing up are all feelings I have grown accustomed to. I know that the feeling of extreme discomfort is exactly where I need to be either in practice or during a race to hit a new personal best. 

My past four years at Ithaca have challenged me, academically in the classroom, physically on the track, and personally in my daily life. During my time here, the moments I grew the most were the ones I chose to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

Through the classes I have taken and the programs I have engaged myself in, Ithaca has taught me how to push myself outside of my comfort zone. It has forced me to confront issues and topics that were never discussed in my small hometown. 

I learned about the patriarchy in Psychology of Women, racism in Culture and Communications, and capital greed in my course London as Text.  However, the way in which these misogynistic, racist, and capitalistic systems shape our society have been discussed in all my courses in Ithaca. 

These are heavy, uncomfortable topics to discuss but, much like running, Ithaca has taught me that true, intellectually stimulating learning cannot take place in a comfort zone.

I chose to be a FLEFF intern my final semester at Ithaca College because it is a perfect culmination and experience that embodies my four-year experience at Ithaca College. It encompasses excitement, thought-provocation, intersectionality, multiple points of view, interdisciplinary learning and so much more.  Engaging in such an impactful, intellectually stimulating event will naturally force me outside of my comfort zone, from challenging my writing skills to interviewing unique and important people from around the world. 

There are so many different aspects to FLEFF, and I am excited to see how its interdisciplinary and heterogenous nature brings together multiple components of society. It reaches beyond just film and includes music, technology, new media, culture, art, design, and discussions.

Secondly, FLEFF brings people together from countries all over the world with many multicultural and diverse perspectives. This will be an opportunity to learn and hear from many different people that I otherwise would never have the opportunity to interact with.

Finally, FLEFF brings about a new meaning to what an environment truly is. Every system in the world is connected and the environmental crisis is just as connected to race or economics as it is to recycling. FLEFF looks at environmental issues from a new lens.

When I think about my successes on the track, I do not think about the pain and discomfort that occurred during the journey, I think about the feeling of hitting a new record or celebrating with a coach.  When I look back at FLEFF I will not remember the challenge but instead see the growth I got from the experience.


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