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Posted by Jade Hazzard at 10:44PM

Blog written by Jade Hazzard, FLEFF Blogging Intern 2019, Camden Maine. 

“I don’t see the word disruption as negative, I think that disruption can be been seen as simply change, and you decide if change is good or not. “

Dr. Geronymo is a professional piano player who was born in Brazil then moved to America. While in America he received his doctorate degree at the University of Washington. Then began teaching piano at Ithaca College, in Ithaca New York. He taught Piano for four years at IC then moved to Germany and has been teaching and playing professionally there for 11 years. While at IC Dr. Geronymo was involved with FLEFF, he then continued to work with FLEFF after he left.  He has performed or participated in over 10 festivals over the years.

“I think that everybody’s life, in the end, is always disruption, but yes I think that my life because I twice just uprooted myself and moved to another country another language that yes I think that I’m kind of a master of disruption.”

Dr. Geronymo describes the concert as a single idea that transforms into a multimedia project. FLEFF is always trying to mix unusual pieces together,” maybe we have already been doing disruption, musical disruption for a long time”. 

This year’s arrangement has been created alongside with Dr. Debora Martin a piano professor at Ithaca College. The concert will be an arrangement from the symphonic band from West Side Story. The pieces will be put against each other creating built-in disruption. The pair played West Side Story in 2008, but this will be a new reading and very different.  A “remix” of an American staple.

Dr. Geronymo doesn’t just come for the concert on the opening night, instead, he stays for the whole week. He does this because he loves the films, discussions, workshops and meeting interesting people. For him “disruption is a wonderful theme for FLEFF this year because it’s like this trigger that makes you think differently” but only if you want to. That’s what makes FLEFF so interesting, no one is forcing any ideas upon anyone but ideas and discussion are happening all of the time.

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