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The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival from the interns' point of view

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Posted by Gabriella Sophir at 3:57PM   |  5 comments
Abby Sophir

Blog posting written by Abby Sophir, Television/Radio '14, FLEFF Intern, St. Louis, Missouri.

Hi! My name is Abby Sophir.

I am a freshman Television/Radio major, Politics and Outdoor Pursuits double minor at Ithaca College. When I chose to come to Ithaca, I was eager to leave my hometown of St. Louis, Missouri. However, I have come to miss the Great Midwest dearly (toasted ravioli and the mild weather in particular).

I am an athlete, an environmentalist and a storyteller.

Growing up, I was always either dribbling a ball through our hallways, hanging upside down on the couch, or playing catch in the yard with my dad and brother. To this day, I am in constant motion and enjoy any activity that gets my heart beating.

As an avid backpacker, the outdoors is my home. I feel a strong connection to the natural world and an obligation to change the deep-rooted ways that people view nature. I support a more simplistic way of living.

I am a strong believer that everybody has a story to tell, a story that all people can relate to and learn from. We must simply take time to listen. I aim to share these stories in visual and creative ways.

It would not be accurate to define myself by only one of these labels. My various interests, passions, and values intertwine to make me the person that I am. Though each facet of my personality is critical, and the puzzle would not be complete without them all, it is the cumulation of assets that matters most.

Likewise, the world is made up of many complex systems. On-going issues that affect our everyday lives and the lives of people around the globe result from the interactions between these systems.

FLEFF offers an opportunity to explore the interrelationships of fundamental, vital, topics such as health, the environment, education and diversity, that are often separated and studied independently. The festival focuses on the “bigger picture” which is necessary in order to understand the true global impacts of ideas and activities. 

FLEEF challenges you to think critically, question your current beliefs, and broaden your knowledge.

It is an opportunity and a challenge. That is why I joined FLEFF.

What interests you about FLEFF?








The best thing about FLEFF: FLEFF INTERNS!

Abby, this year's FLEFF will include the story of another St. Louis native, Josephine Baker. Her story is fascinating, and needs to be shared!

I recently visited the club Josephine Baker owned in Paris. A number of Afircan American jazz artists from the period of the Harlem Renaissance found refuge and creative expression in Paris.
I wonder how the FLEFF interns will sustain the momentum of FLEFF until FLEFF 2012.

Dr. Saunders,

Thanks for your posting.

We definitely need to chat with you about Josephine Baker. This year, FLEFF is screening her silent film, SIREN OF THE TROPICS, with live jazz music by Fe Nunn and friends, and spoken word chronicling the importance and impact of Josephine Baker's life, performed by the brilliant Cynthia Henderson...Screenig is Sat April 16 at Cinemapolis...but we need to chat with you!


Thank you for sharing, I was not aware! I am always interested in the life of a fellow St. Louisian and will have to check out that movie. So many exiting things to see!

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