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Posted by Liuqing Yang at 8:31PM
dGenerate Films

Blog post written by Lucy Yang, Journalism and Politics ’14, FLEFF Blogger, Puyang, Henan, China

I recently Skyped with Kevin Lee, Vice President of Programming and Education for dGenerate Films. He is coming to Ithaca on Friday and presenting three out of four films brought by dGenerate Films, one of FLEFF’s collaborative partners and a leading distributor of contemporary independent film from mainland China.

On Friday night at 7:10, Lee will present Xu Huijing's Mothers, a documentary on the contemporary situation of the One Child Policy in China and how it’s implemented in rural areas.

“You really get a sense of dissonance in terms of the inequality of how men and women are treated under this policy, where it’s the women who are forced to be sterilized if their family violates the One Child Policy, [whereas] the men don’t face any kind of biological punishment,” Lee said.

On Saturday night at 7:20, Lee will present Though I Am Gone, by Hu Jie, along with a shorter documentary, The Questioning, by Zhu Rikun. The screening will be moderated by Professor Wenhua Shi from Colgate University.

Though I Am Gone shows the dissonance of the history, the part of history that the state is still trying to ignore. It tells the story of a school teacher who was beaten to death by her own students during the Cultural Revolution and how her widower has been seeking justice for her death.

“He keeps the memory, keeps the photos, and keeps her activism activities going, as a way of trying to create justice. So he is creating a dissonance within the contemporary Chinese society, which is so focused on living in the present and not wanting to think about the past, because the past is not so wonderful to think about. For him, to force people to remember is an act of resistance,” Lee said.

The Questioning documents a police “room inspection” when he was visiting some dissenters in a hotel room in Jiangxi Province.

There will be another short documentary on food security issues around meat productions in China, What’s for Dinner, on Thursday night at 9:35. The filmmaker, Jian Yi, has become a vegetarian since he made the film, because he was so disturbed by what he had discovered in the food industry. The Questioning will also be screened alongside.

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