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Posted by Andrew Ronald at 4:13PM
Sarah DuPont

Blog posting written by Andrew Ronald, Film, Photography & Visual Arts '15, Social Media Manager, Mahopac, NY

It's the second day out of a week-long worth of events for FLEFF and they're going strong! If you couldn't make it to this insightful workshop with Sarah DuPont, producer of Amazon Gold, there is no need to fret! I'll be liveblogging the event for you all to read right here:

4:02 PM - What better way to start than with a trailer for Amazon Gold?

4:08 PM - DuPont describes the detailed, yet poisonous process to acquire gold and the harmful dangers on the environment that occur in the meantime. This is why she made this documentary.

4:09 PM - Why is the Amazon and biodiversity so important? Thoughts from the audience touch upon the importance of the ecosystems that exist there. Even more frightening, "you are destroying things that you didn't even know were there in the first place."

4:14 PM - This was a true documentary. The crew members were exploring while the camera was rolling in some places that had never even been shot before. "If you get caught, you can get killed and no one cares. It was a dangerous endeavor, but it was worth every minute because the implication of losing the Amazon..."

4:16 PM - The Amazon is a big regulator of weather patterns and climate change, something that is very accessible to individuals everywhere today.

4:18 PM - A bit of inspirational advice from DuPont in which she mentions "this film was made for the game-changers out there."

4:22 PM - This is what discussions are all about. While getting some input from the crowd about their concerns regarding climate change, audience members are currently comparing the Earth during the prehistoric era to the modern age. And Sarah gets us back on track...

4:25 PM - Why did DuPont make this movie in the first place? The power of the visual is accesible. You can create awareness and give people a wake-up call if you show them devastated areas and damaged environments.

4:30 PM - How did DuPont make this movie in the first place? She describes the traditional filmmaking process from acquiring the appropriate crewmembers to the dangerous shooting process, and the tumultuous post-editing process. Simply put, "to make a movie is very, very hard." And three years later, the movie was complete!

4:38 PM - As United States citizens, we are supposed to promote positive change and reformation, even after we were the ones who caused this turmoil in the first place. DuPont lists off some alternatives to the process of making gold. So what do we do? Lobby off some ideas - we have voices, so why not use them?

4:52 PM - Dr. Zimmerman relates Dr. Phil McMichael's conversation from the previous night to today's conversation by emphasizing the collective nature of coming together to prove to be the solution. The global solution.

5:00 PM - How much regulation is too much regulation? Another controversial discussion leads to hands popping up throughout the audience. Opinions clash, thoughts are generated, and discussion occurs. It's what FLEFF is all about.

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