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Posted by Amber Thibault at 4:07PM   |  2 comments
Dominic Dipio and Amber Thibault

Blog post written by Amber Thibault, Cinema and Photography ’15, FLEFF Intern, Lewiston, Maine.

16:05: Introduction to "Crafting the Bamasaba" and Dominic Dipio, Fulbright Scholar, writes about african film and literature.

16:06: Dr. Dipio describes film as a paper.

16:08: "Crafting the Bamasaba" screens

17:11 "Crafting the Bamasaba" ends

17:12: Part of a bigger project - Uganda folklore project, trying to understand why people do what they do

17:13: So many interpretations of Imbalu. Elders know Imbalu (circumcision) is different now than it used to be.

17:14: Young people don't know why they do what they do.

17:15: Those who go through upward mobility and get an education don't need the approval of their community. More likely to get circumcised at the hospital. 

17:16: Audience question - What degree do these rituals respond to changes of the times?

17:18: Dipio explains "In the traditional, sense the ritual is suppose to be a whole year" Ritual compressed to accomodate schooling. "Economically, it's becoming challenging to do the ritual. It is responding to the challenges of the times." 

17:20: The use of alcohol is a new negative aspect of Imbalu. Elders say Imbalu use to be more religious. "Initiates go to the place where the ancestors are...connection to their heritage...ritual condensed into three intense days prior to their circumcision"

17:22: The ritual use to prepare them for marriage. Dipio "One of the responsibilities is to take studies seriously"

17:24: Dipio "Ritual is out of used to craft male identity...oppressive to the women"

17:25: Women of this community don't circumcise. Dipio "The omission is very interesting to note"

17:26: Agency of women has been removed. 

17:27: Audience comment - More and more people against female circumcision...but if it gives a voice in the community... it is an different argument.

17:30: Something to be said for the intense experience of a group trial.

17:31: Two people circumcised in the same year consider themselves brothers.

17:32: Still takes courage for someone to stand up and say they were circumcised in a hospital.

17:33: HIV/AIDS and the knife. Dipio doubts that people don't change knife. When ask how dealing with issue of AIDS. Some say use several knifes or disinfect with powder or sharpened so well that there are no germs. 

17:35: Fear of community looking down on you is stronger than fear of the same knife.

17:37: Class division and Imbalu

17:38: Women ritual, probably talk to other women, very inward. Male ritual is outward and expressive.

17:39: Many scholars defensive when asked about this issue. Worried about their image in Uganda. They want to accept that the major shift to hospitals.


THis is a great post! Wish I could have gone

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