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Posted by Meagan McGinnes at 8:09PM
Meagan McGinnes, Ithaca College 2014

Blog Posting written by Meagan McGinnes, Journalism '14, FLEFF intern, Norwood, MA 

The sign of a true artist, whether you are an artist of music, words, paint, film, community or whatever, is the recognition and utilization of texture.

Even the most unrelated topics become related, weaved together in lively and interesting way. It is the magic of FLEFF, stringing things together to make unexpected, but wonderful sense.

Example: combining a film festival with a musical concert.

Brad Hougham, assistant professor for performance studies (voice), said this concert is one of his favorites to perform in because of his musical freedom. And, man, did he use that freedom!

The repertoire includes pieces utilizing an orchestra, organ, harpsichord, cello, piano and more. The material spans from lullabies to gospel. At times, they vocally will be trying to sound like other instruments to add an interesting and cool effect.

These pieces vary in rhythms, harmonies and dissonance. Just by listening there would be no obvious connection. Yet, the differences create intrigue. Intrigue leads to conversation. Conversation leads to community. Communities lead to microtopias.

“What you see will be something different than you could have possibly ever imagined,” Hougham said.

The same can be said about the FLEFF festival: it will be different than you ever imagined. FLEFF brings a diverse group of people with imaginative minds, creating a responsive environment. And what can move people to responsiveness more than music, an art form known for stirring emotions and kindling a spark in the soul.

“I love bringing excellent music to life in a different way so old music can speak to people,” Hougham said. 

Music, similar to microtopias, is fragmented and yet it can come together. It is a safe place to push boundaries, to question the preconceived and to create textures both vibrant and new.   

Has music ever moved you to responsiveness? What material's texture do you feel best exemplifies the "texture" of FLEFF? 

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