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Posted by Jennifer Barish at 9:37PM   |  5 comments
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Blog posting written by Jennifer Barish, Communication Management & Design ‘14, FLEFF intern, Skokie, IL

I'm here live at Ithaca Colllege's School of Music.

FLEFF will feature music faculty members Dr. Brad Hougham and Dr. Debbie Martin in a "colorful," "spiritual," and internationally-infused performance during the festival on Tuesday, March 27th.

 Dr. Martin:

"[this performance will bring about the most] extreme emotions."

"When you try to describe music you never have enough ways of saying never know which message is going to get through."

 "If I speak the words 'I love you' to no one, it doesn't mean anything."

Dr. Houghham:

"I'm singing songs that I've always wanted to sing."

"I love pushing the ticket. I love surprising people."

"We're all there to share the same experience"

 This performance is the result of a dynamic collaboration between Patricia Zimmerman, FLEFF Co-Director, and the wonderful faculty musicians at Ithaca College. Bring your ears and an open mind. An empty house is just like saying I love you to a vacant room. Art is made to be received.

The music will be "eclectic" and we hope to both entertain and confuse.







Your "live" blog really drilled down to the essential moments. The quotes from Dr. Hougham and Dr. Martin provide a map into this concert. My favorite line in your post: "Art is made to be received." Which piece was your favorite in tonights behind the scenes session?

Jennifer, you really 'got' what we were saying last night. It's so exciting to be linking this music together through the theme of 'Microtopias'. My hope is that the eclectic nature of the music will hardly be noticed in the performance. Instead, I hope that the audience will leave, having shared a common journey and received a common message about hearts and minds collaborating. Thanks for your investment with FLEFF!

Thank you for your comments! I really enjoyed the evolution of thought that went into the performance. Every piece has a story, a personality, and a purpose. I am looking forward to hearing Latin American influences paired with more classical compositions. I think it really really push people's buttons and get the conversation started.

Jenny- I think that you are a very talented blogger! Each post that you write is short and sweet, yet full of life and extremely insightful-- I tend to be verbose, and so I will surely be looking to you as my inspiration in the upcoming weeks when I am trying to condense my thoughts in my posts!

Isabel! Your comment made my day! Your writing is so beautiful! I love being a blogger because I really get to learn from my peers. It's a really unique educational experience.

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