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Posted by Hannah Raskin at 10:24PM
Kin Ship

Kin Ship is that band you play during summer night bonfires at the beach. With tunes reminiscent of California in the 1960’s, you’ll remember every happy memory you’ve ever had. But not only are the songs joyous and fun- they are also maddeningly catchy. I challenge you to leave a Kin Ship show without humming at least one verse in your head. 

This talented quintet consists of: Conor Belcher, lead vocalist and rhythm guitar, Elliott Weaver, lead guitar, Megan Wood, keyboards and percussions, Pat Gaughan on bass and Julian Ciany on drums. They are no strangers to the local music scene, having played at venues across Ithaca. Back in December they opened for the War on Drugs at Castaways and in April they will perform at the North Carolina Grassroots alongside other Ithaca favorites, such as, the Sim Redmond Band and Rubblebucket.

I sat down with Conor to find out about the past, present and future of Kin Ship.

Q. How did the band form?

A. I spent a winter in Olympia, Washington writing a bunch of demo tracks. When I moved back to Ithaca, my friends and I started a band and rehashed live versions of the songs I had written. We started in an empty frat house and spent a summer playing music.

Q. Where did you get the name Kin Ship?

A. We’d been arguing about what to call the band for a very long time and all the ideas were very stupid. Half of us would like one name, the other half would say no way. You’re not a band until you have a name. I had been reading Chekhov- he had mentioned kinship, so I went back to that and split it into two words. Everybody was into it, so that was it.

Q. Who are your influences?

A. My personal influences I would say are: Harry Nilsson, Brian Wilson (of the Beach Boys), Richard Manuel and the Beatles of course. I was raised on 70s pop like Terry Jacks and things like that, so that comes into it.

Q. Do you ever get stage fright?

A. No I don’t but I’m always nervous before shows, but not on my own account. I spend most of my life scared, but playing music is the only thing I’m not scared of.

Q. Where do you see Kin Ship in one year?

A. On a yacht in the straight of Gibraltar.

Q. If you could tour with any band what would it be?

A. Puddle of Mudd.

Q. What is it like being a musician in Ithaca?    

A. I started off my music career here and have never really played music anywhere else- it’s a very supportive community. Collaborating with the acts around town and seeing a younger music scene grow. The opportunities are definitely there to hone your craft.

Q. What are you looking most forward to about your set at the FLEFF After Party?

A. I’m looking forward to diversifying our set and playing to a new audience. To push the envelope and see what we’re capable of.

*****Kin Ship will be performing this Thursday March 29 at the FLEFF After Party, 8:30-12:30 at the Finger Lakes Wine Center.

In a couple years, you’ll be able to tell your friends you saw them before they were famous. 

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