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Posted by Kimberly Capehart at 10:54AM
Dr. Timothy Murray: FLEFF/CFE Distinguished Scholar

Blog posting by Kimberly Capehart, Documentary Studies and Production '16, FLEFF Blogger, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 

On Tuesday, April 7th, FLEFF and Ithaca College's Center for Faculty Excellence hosted the first of a series of events in their Distinguished Scholar Series. 

This year's distinguished scholar, Dr. Timothy Murray, PhD, is Professor of Comparative Literature and English and serves as the Director for the Society for the Humanities at Cornell University. An expansive and truly interdisciplinary figure, Dr. Murray's research in the humanities mobilizes dialogue, exchange, and convenings at the intersections of theory and culture.

Dr. Murray's lecture, entitled "Habitats for Medial Humanities" framed a number of contemporary new media projects in the context of the theoretical and philosophical writings of Martin Heidegger and Jean-Luc Nancy, while also situating them within the larger festival theme of HABITATS.

Drawing on Heidegger's essays, "The Question Concerning Technology," and "The Age of the World Picture," Murray remarked, ""Martin Heidegger embraces techne as the essence of technology (undercut by industrial technological regulation and distribution) with which we might not only develop new models for literary and artistic studies but even experience in today's context via the electric verve of digital art as it includes the widest spectrum of performance, cinema, sound, and interactive art.  This is because Heidegger embraces techie as the stuff of poiesis or what he terms, the frenziedness of technology."

From there, Murray, a renowned curator of new media and technological art, showcased a number of new media projects that use technology to strategically serve as interventions and challenges to the uncritical conscience of the everyday.

You can explore two such works: "The Tunnel Under the Atlantic" by Maurice Benayoun, and "Panic Hits Home" by Renate Ferro.

Murray's latest research has been focused on the intellectual and artistic hotbed of Southeast Asia. 

"The artists [there] resist technological interventions that result in ecological peril in a way that fervently questions the technologies of unnecessarily containing and distributing natural and manmade resources. What¹s particularly interesting about these projects is how they actively envelope the broader public into their dialogues between the arts and humanities by integrating particularly critical approaches to two new trends in the humanities, the digital humanities and the environmental humanities" he concluded.  

Dr. Murray's contributions to FLEFF as the CFE Distinguished Scholar encourage us all to look critically at the role of technology in our own lives, and how technology, theory, and culture can be used to provoke and deepen our own understanding of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.

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