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Posted by Rebecca Cox at 7:55PM
Claudia Pederson

Blog posting written by Rebecca Cox, Cinema and Photography, ’16, FLEFF Intern, Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival is best known for its phenomenal films and guests. What many people don’t know is the platform FLEFF provides for new media artists.

Professor of New Media at Wichita State University and New Media Artist herself, Claudia Pederson taught a FLEFF new media workshop on Thursday, March 31.

Before this workshop, my experience with new media was somewhat limited. I had worked with the concept in one other class but this workshop was the first time I had the privilege of meeting a new media artist. Overall, it was one of the most enlightening events I have attended on campus.

Pederson began by exhibiting two short films from a five film series entitled Cape Mongo. Created by South African Artist Francois Knoetze, the individual films each comment on a different type of material waste.

For instance in the film titled VHS, the character is made from a wearable and sculpted suit made from VHS tapes.

The four other titles in the series include Paper, Glass, Metal and Plastic, all of which contain monster-like characters made out of their respective material. In this case, Knoetze, as the materialized character, struts around interacting with South African environments and its people.

“It’s a new creative class interested in following a lifestyle that is consumption driven,” said Pederson.

Pederson also presented the new media project “Can You Hear Me?” and explored the concept of Afrofuturism with artists such as Nick Cave.

The audience was engaged in the deconstruction of these projects and questions were frequently asked.

“Artists are using platforms like this to speak to these ideas of progress, innovation, and consumption,” said Pederson.

According to Pederson, new media is a way to keep up with the constant changing technology. It’s a new, accessible platform.

“There’s an openness with new media,” said Pederson. “Every time a new technology comes up, history reoccurs.” 

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