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Posted by Rachael Lewis-Krisky at 11:13AM

FLEFF theme of the year is DISSONANCE – a concept that begs resonates with the theorist but rings deeply with the personal. It is about many things: Clashing. Tension. Disharmony. Contradiction. Imbalance. All these buzzwords are encapsulated in the feeling of being an outsider on the inside.

Truly though, that is what’s so incredible about this year’s FLEFF theme. So many of us know that feeling of not belonging. But with that feeling we push forward, ignited by the freedom of being different. As the FLEFF definition puts it so well “dissonance pairs together the incompatible with results that surprise, offend, invite, disturb and excite, spurring action and creativity.”

FLEFF’s very own Ithaca College graduate student, Tiffani-Amber Muller, sees the festival’s theme as an opportunity to push her experience with dissonance. “On a personal level with dissonance, I am actually a walking example of dissonance! Lesbian cheerleader. It's basically unheard of in the world, but we do exist!”

She continues to say, “This is going to enhance my experience with FLEFF because I'm going into these topics knowing to expect some topics that are a little different and ‘not normal.’ They're going to push me out of my comfort zone, but I will learn from that and understand why I am pushed out of my comfort zone. That's really what dissonance is about!”

In my personal experience, dissonance truly resonates with my life. From being bullied about being Pansexual and quirky, to going places without a support system independently and alone, I also see this year’s festival as a chance to push my understandings of what is actually achievable and possible as an outsider on the inside.

What are your personal experiences with dissonance? What will the festival do for your self-reflection? 

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