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Posted by Cindy Yong at 1:01AM

Blog posting by Cindy Yong, Biology, Writing ’16, Eagleville, PA, FLEFF Blogger

Navigate through Cinemapolis.  Located in downtown Ithaca, Cinemapolis enriches the community through film.  In partnership with FLEFF, Cinemapolis unveils films that range from environmental issues, political conflicts, societal tensions, and other controversial topics.

It’s a reasonable expectation to walk into Cinemapolis to see a film.  FLEFF films do not solely depend on visual content, though.  They evoke conversation, thoughts, and reflections on an individual and global level.  With Spark or Floating, the audience will experience a Chinese movie with English subtitles banned in its native country.  With Miners Shot Down, the audience will engage in one of the hidden issues that run like an undercurrent in society.

These examples reach the cusp of films available.  Do not miss these selections:  

1.  Inhabit
Thursday, April 9th at 7:05pm, Cinemapolis
This film explores permaculture concepts and projects across the US.  Permaculture projects inspire a call to action by providing solutions to environmental problems.  Humans cause damage but possess the power to ameliorate harmful effects.
Note that this screening is the same time as 100,000 and Just Eat It.  Some hard choices to make!

2.  Concerning Violence
Thursday, April 9th at 9:05pm, Cinemapolis
Saturday, April 11th at 7:05pm, Cinemapolis
Based on Frantz Fanon’s writing, this film captures anti-colonial rule and the fight for liberation in the 1960s and 70s.  Read Frantz Fanon’s The Wretched of the Earth for more context before the screening.

3.  L Word Mississippi: Hate the Sin
Saturday, April 11th at 4:10pm, Cinemapolis
The LGBT community in the deep South live in an environment where a majority of people value conservative and religious ideals.  The documentary shows an inside look into what hardships individuals face on a daily basis.

4.  The Crowd
Saturday, April 11th at 7:00pm, Cinemapolis
This film centers on a couple in the metropolis.  The relationship between this couple grinds against the relationship of living in a detached city.  Enjoy this film with live music from the Cloud Chamber Orchestra.

5.  Hurt: Award Winning Short Play
Sunday, April 12th at 4:05pm, Cinemapolis
Saviana Stanescu Condeescu  wrote this play to investigate the dark side of the mind behind violent acts.  The storyline involves a Balkan adjunct professor in crisis after getting fired.  A unique monologue structure gives an experimental twist to the plot as three voices overlap but never reach the other.


For the best bang for the buck, buy a festival pass at half-price at Cinemapolis or the IC bookstore.  To reserve seats at screenings or to spare time from a downtown trip, buy e-tickets through the FLEFF website.  Immerse yourself inside Cinemapolis.

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