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Posted by Hannah Raskin at 1:21PM   |  2 comments
hana raskin

Blog posting written by Hana Raskin, Communication Management and Design '12, FLEFF intern, New York City

Each of the FLEFF 2012 guests contribute something special to the festival and help to foster our microtopia and 'different environment.' However, there are several guests that I am especially excited to meet. Without further ado, here are my top five!

1. Patricia Isasa- Patricia Isasa was only 16 when she was kidnapped and tortured by police and soldiers under Argentina's military dictatorship. During Argentina's dirty war, the government detained, tortured and disappeared thousands of suspected "subversives." Having studied in Argentina and traveled extensively in Latin America, I am very interested in this kind of history. I am looking forward to hearing Isasa's story and sharing her struggle. 

2. Peter Cleary- Peter Cleary is the Communications Director for Vestergaard Fransen. I'm particularly excited about meeting Cleary, because I am also a Communications person and I think that I can potentially learn a lot from him. 

3. Rodrigo Brandao- Rodrigo Brandao is an IC alum who now works at Kino Lorber as the director of publicity. Kino distributes the independent films we love. Brandao is integrally involved with FLEFF and wrote for the blog "Latin American Spaces." I really enjoyed reading over some of his posts, since my favorite films are generally Latin American/ Spanish language. 

4. Laura Kissel- Laura Kissel is a documentary filmmaker currently working on the film "cotton road." I am looking forward to seeing this documentary, which shows the relationship between cotton fields in South Carolina, Chinese textile workers and global consumption. I love this kind of systems thinking, which shows that our actions are not isolated, but are intricately connected. A systems thinking approach is imperative in helping us address the issues we face today. 

5. Toivo- Toivo's tagline is "Finnish, Tex-Mex, and original music." I have not heard such an unconventional description for a band in ages, how could I not be excited to see them?


Good list, has Toivo-Toivo's played La Roca's in Nogales, Sonora, Mexico? Someone of a name like that was playing when I visited in mid February, wonderful music. YouTube video at

That is very possible, I'll take a look at the video. Thank you!

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