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Open Spaces

Open Spaces

Speculations on Openings, Closings, and Thresholds in International Public Media

Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 5:55PM   |  2 comments

Fractured sentences, chards of global news images, and rolling sentences project on to square white columns five, six feet high arranged like a forest stripped of branches.

We work our way through the columns, trying to read the words and focus on the content of the images which pepper the columns.

We read while we walk through data flows. We ask others how to interact...


Posted by Patricia Zimmermann at 5:21PM   |  2 comments


Open holds its opposite: closed.  And closed always contains the possibility of change:  open.  And in between these openings and closings sprawls a threshold of constant movement, transversals, shuttling back and forth.  

The Open Spaces blog will explore and probe places, spaces and territories where open space is real and imaginary, material and...


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