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Public Health Spaces

A Public Health Stranger in the Land of Medical Care

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Posted by Stewart Auyash at 8:07PM   |  49 comments

 I cannot recount the number of times in the past few weeks friends, relatives, students, and strangers have asked me whether they should get the H1N1 vaccine.

 Some are concerned about the side effects or wonder whether the vaccine has been tested. Parents are worried for their young...


Posted by Stewart Auyash at 10:11AM   |  23 comments

I don’t need to know if you are sick. Or do I? How about if you have a contagious illness? Perhaps H1N1? 

Fortunately, the latest pandemic has not been as fatal as we had feared. While tragedy has struck some families, the death rate is about the same as or less than seasonal flu. Most of those who have perished had...


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