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A Public Health Stranger in the Land of Medical Care

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Posted by Stewart Auyash at 3:09AM   |  67 comments
Singapore General Hospital

I received excellent treatment from my physiotherapist for my upper back pain and was able to complete the hot 168km Bike Rally 2010.  Physiotherapists in Singapore are like physical therapists in the U.S., however they are not yet licensed professionals though acupuncturists are. They are working with the government to change their status. 

My physiotherapist, Sylvia Ho, co-founder of Core Concepts Physiotherapy Centre, was trained in Australia where she earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees.  She prefers to use manipulative therapy and massage to ultrasound or electrical stimulation machines. She believes my discomfort came from a major change in my ergonomics related to my daily use of 2 computers at new desks and subsequent poor posture. My upper back and neck pain improved more with each visit, exercises she recommended I do at home, and changing my computer posture.  

Core Concepts charges about $56 for each therapy session that lasts about 30 minutes and consists of intensive manipulation and massage.   Physiotherapists employ hands-on techniques that try to remove blockages, loosen and stretch muscles and joints, and improve posture. 

After my first visit, I submitted the bill to my Singapore insurer, which I have through my employer.  Soon thereafter, I received an email asking me for the original copy of my written referral.  This was news to me.  For my U.S. insurer, no written referral is required, so it had not occurred to me that I would need one in Singapore. That was a mistaken assumption and I should have known better.

I told the insurance company the truth: that my physician told me to see a physiotherapist. They responded that they still needed the original written referral.  So I contacted the physician via email. He did not respond. One week later, I called his office. They said they would email me the referral. They did not. I called a week later and tried again. This third attempt proved successful. They emailed me a scanned copy of the handwritten referral from the doctor and I received the original in the mail a few days later. However, I did notice one potential problem: there was no date on the referral. 

Nonetheless, I filled out the on-line medical claim submission forms and submitted the “certified original” referral and bills. I was told they pay about $35 maximum for each physiotherapy visit.

I should hear within a few weeks.

Meanwhile, I tried to learn more about the “Sixth Best System in the World.”  Keep in mind: No system is perfect.

I was interested to learn that at least some of Singapore’s hospitals publish their bed charges and the Ministry of Health publishes the mean costs for certain diagnoses at some hospitals.

For example, at Singapore General Hospital, there are 7 types of “wards.”  I list them below with the costs per day (in approximate US$) and some amenities:

Standard Ward Class C - $21-      9 bedded room, natural ventilation

Standard Ward Class B2 - $56 -   6 bedded room, individual ceiling fans, semi-automatic  bed

Standard Ward Class B2+ -$84 -  5 bedded room, air-conditioned, attached bath and toilet

Standard Ward Class B1 - $130 - 4 bedded room, all of above, TV, phone, choice of meals

Standard Ward Class A1 - $215 - Single room, all of above, toiletries, fully automated bed, optional sleeper unit

Upgraded Ward Class A1+ = $243- All of above, plus mini-safe, fridge

The charges listed above are what the patient will pay out-of-pocket for their beds exclusive of any care. “Out-of-pocket,” however means that the patient can use a Flexible Spending Account or a Medical Savings Account (Medisave), into which their employer and/or they are required to put a minimum amount.  As of December 2008, the average Singaporean had about $10,000 in their Medisave account.  They can also use the accounts of the close relatives and dependents in some circumstances. 

While this seems complicated to me, most Singaporeans seem to understand how it works. They also have to pay “out-of-pocket” for some expensive therapies including chemotherapy and HIV drugs.  How much? I’ll find out and report on it in Part III. 


Perhaps you would be interested to know that the Singapore media reported recently that the 6th best health care system in the world is facing a bed crunch and that patients have had to lie on beds in corridors waiting for vacancies.

That would be a very interesting part III post.

I've stayed in both Class C, B and A wards; I've also visited relatives staying in all different classes of wards. My personal take is, you really don't wanna fall sick in Singapore. And if you do, you better make sure you have a hell lot of money to put yourself in an A ward or a private hospital.

Let's just say, being in a Class C ward seems to make you feel worse than you already are.

By the way, Zi Liang, I forgot to mention that I have had the 'honor' of being one of those patients lying on beds in the corridor. It was nearly 3 hours before anyone attended to me. And that was the A&E ward we're talking about.

A country's healthcare system should not be judged solely based on government provided care. Try exploring private hospitals and charity hospitals. Thong Chai, for instance, offers free medical treatment and medicine to the needy.

I somewhat disagree with Singapore's system. By having different wards in which the quality is based on what one can pay, further divides the upper class from the lower class. Good health is a right and every person, poor or rich, should be given the same care and support.

This was a very interesting article. It seems pretty cool to me the techniques Sylvia Ho used to help your back pain. When I thought of an unlicensed professional I determined that they weren't professional for a reason. It now seems to me that sometimes unlicensed professionals can have more of an impact. Thank you for this blog!

I tend to agree with their system of health care. I think if you can afford the more expensive facilities and would like to use them then there is no reason not to. However, if you can't afford such amenities then more affordable ones should be made available. More importantly it is the fact that there is affordable health care.

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Its a great blog . Physiotherapy is not a easy thing and i've come to a conclusion that not all physio's are great . I've had some bad experience and some good ones . I dont want to defame the bad ones because may be they were in the learning stage . But i want to thank the ones who were spot on with the pain relief . Thank you

This is great, it really is what I was looking for, thank you for sharing!

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بازار مسکن و <strong>ساخت و ساز املاک</strong> از آن نوع بازارهایی است که حتی در زمان رکود نیز به میزان قابل توجهی جریان دارد. کم نیستند افرادی که قصد دارند ملک های <strong>بافت قدیمی</strong> و فرسوده خود را تخریب کرده و بجای آن آپارتمان هایی مدرن و مستحکم بسازند.

ساخت ساختمان خود دارای پروسه ای مهندسی شده و مهم است که در آن از جدیدترین <strong>تکنولوژی های روز دنیا</strong> و با کیفیت ترین مصالح باید استفاده شود تا در نهایت یک <strong>ساختمان ایمن</strong> بنا شود. یکی از مهمترین بخش های مربوط به هر ساختمان، صنایع پوششی بکار رفته در اجزای مختلف آن است که باعث می شود ساختمان و ملک شما تا مدت ها در برابر عوامل محیطی ایمن و بدون <strong>فرسودگی</strong> باقی بماند.

[caption id="attachment_213" align="aligncenter" width="600"]<img class="size-full wp-image-213" src="" alt="صنایع پوششی ساختمان، ایمنی و زیبایی توامان" width="600" height="168" /> صنایع پوششی ساختمان، ایمنی و زیبایی توامان[/caption]

مهمترین صنایع پوششی ساختمان شامل 5 یا 6 بخش می شوند که در بین آنها بطور کلی دو مورد زیر از پر استفاده ترین و حائز اهمیت ترین آنها محسوب می گردند:
<li>عایق های رطوبتی بام</li>
<li>کفپوش های اپوکسی</li>
در همین ابتدا می توان به این عبارت که <a href=""><strong>صنایع پوششی ساختمان، ایمنی و زیبایی توامان</strong></a> را به همراه دارند، اعتراف نمود. بدون شک شما نیز در پایان مطالعه این مقاله به این نتیجه خواهید رسید.
<h2>عایق های رطوبتی بام</h2>
در بین موارد گفته شده احتمالا شما با <a href=""><strong>عایق های رطوبتی بام</strong></a> بیشتر آشنا هستید. در ایران بیشترین استفاده از عایق های رطوبتی در پشت بام ها و بصورت ایزوگام می باشد؛ البته استفاده از این نوع عایق ها در شهرهای شمالی کشور که دارای سقوفی <strong>شیب دار(شیروانی)</strong> هستند، کمتر دیده می شود.

[caption id="attachment_206" align="aligncenter" width="600"]<img class="size-full wp-image-206" src="" alt="عایق رطوبتی بام" width="600" height="337" /> عایق رطوبتی بام[/caption]

در سالیان گذشته، با توجه به پیشرفت <a href=""><strong>دانش و فناوری</strong></a>، شاهد استفاده از انواع جدیدتر عایق های رطوبتی بام بوده ایم که در مقایسه با ایزوگام ها که بر پایه قیر می باشند، هم زیباتر و هم مقاوم تر و کارآمدتر هستند. جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر در خصوص عایق های رطوبتی می توانید به وب‌سایت <a href=""><strong>عکاظ خاورمیانه</strong></a> مراجعه کنید.
<h2>کفپوش های اپوکسی</h2>
هنوز هم در خیلی از ساختمان ها و خانه های در حال ساخت بنا به سفارش مشتری و مالک از <strong>کفپوش های سنگی</strong> یا پارکت هایی از جنس <strong>چوب</strong> یا <strong>پلاستیک</strong> استفاده می شود که علی‌رغم زیبایی هایی که دارند دارای هزینه نصب بالا می باشند و همچنین پس از چند سال کیفیت اولیه خود را نداشته و به تدریج دچار فرسایش می شوند.

[caption id="attachment_208" align="aligncenter" width="600"]<img class="size-full wp-image-208" src="" alt="کفپوش های اپوکسی" width="600" height="385" /> کفپوش های اپوکسی[/caption]

یکی از اجزای مهم صنایع پوششی ساختمان، کفپوش ها هستند. <a href=""><strong>کفپوش های اپوکسی</strong></a> که موارد استفاده آنها در حال حاضر بسیار فراگیرتر از گذشته شده است دارای ویژگی های بسیار فنی بی نظیری می باشند که در کنار زیبایی خیره کننده آنها و تنوع در رنگ و طراحی‌شان، یک کفپوش ایده آل را خلق کرده اند.

کفپوش های اپوکسی یکپارچه هستند، یعنی همچون سنگ یا پارکت بصورت چند تکه نبوده و هیچ گونه درزی ندارند که این مورد باعث شده تا شاهد استفاده از این نوع کفپوش ها در مراکز درمانی نیز باشیم؛ چراکه در هنگام نظافت هیچ گونه میکروب و آلودگی روی زمین باقی نخواهد ماند.

[caption id="attachment_207" align="aligncenter" width="600"]<img class="size-full wp-image-207" src="" alt="کفپوش های اپوکسی" width="600" height="450" /> کفپوش های اپوکسی[/caption]

بعلاوه باید این مورد را هم اضافه کنیم که ترکیبات کفپوش های اپوکسی به گونه ای می باشند که باعث استحکام و مقاومت آنها در برابر هرگونه <strong>ضربه</strong> و خط و خش می گردند؛ لذا از این پس لازم نیست نگران از بین رفتن کفپوش خانه خود بخاطر ضربه های ناگهانی و افتادن اجسام بر روی آنها شوید.

و اما مورد پایانی که در مورد این کفپوش ها وجود دارد، طرح های بسیار زیبای آنهاست که بستگی به انتخاب و سلیقه شما دارد. شما می توانید کفپوشی با رنگ مات و یکدست داشته باشید یا ترکیبی از چند رنگ زیبا را در کنار یکدیگر مشاهده کنید و یا حتی می توانید کفپوش هایی با طرح های <strong>سه بعدی</strong> را سفارش دهید که بیشتر برای <strong>سرویس های بهداشتی</strong> و <strong>اتاق های خواب کودکان</strong> مورد استفاده می باشند.




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