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Infiltrations A Different Media Environment Exhibition


International independent documentary, experimental work, and new platforms hold the potential to stop the spread of panic.

The Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival (FLEFF) motto “A Different Environment” has accrued new significance and depth. And so too has our 2020 festival theme, INFILTRATIONS.

COVID-19 has slung the world into a different environment with staggering rapidity.

We are living in a different environment of hand washing, self-quarantine, physical distancing, remote instruction, and massive home cooking to do our part to fight the coronavirus. This different environment requires more than self-care: it demands community care.

This newly-launched, rapid-response exhibition Infiltrations: A Different Media Environment stands as our contribution to our extended FLEFF community. It underscores the galvanizing power of the international independent media scene during this unprecedented state of global public health emergency. It is a co-production between FLEFF and the Park Center for Independent Media.

The exhibition features eight different independent media groups from the Australia, Canada, China, Indonesia, and the US with mostly short analog community-produced, participatory, micro-local, modestly resourced videos. These works confront urgent unresolved environmental, health, and political issues. These on-the-ground reports from the frontlines bypass mainstream media narratives by insisting people, places, and new ways of seeing and infiltrating the world matter.

Exhibition featured groups and project include: (US/China/UK) with their Coronavirus Dashboard
Cinema Politica’s (Montreal)“Indigenous Led Blockades in Canada Video Playlist
dGenerate Films (US/China) with free one-month access to over 70 Chinese independent films
EngageMedia (Indonesia/Australia) with works on the pandemic, migrants, and Papua
Insights International “Infiltrating Work” videos on people with disabilities in the workplace
Labor Beat (Chicago) chronicling workers’ struggles
Scribe Video Center (Philadelphia) with participatory community media from people in neighborhoods 
Wenhua Shi (US/China) experimental media exploring the interstices between east/west art practices

The current global pandemic canceled the embodied version of the 23rd Annual Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival.

But it did not cancel our hope for global independent media to fortify all of us for the unfolding and unknown struggles ahead. 

We present this exhibition for all those needing respite from mainstream news, social media feeds, or commercial streaming binge-watching.

And we offer Infiltrations: A Different Media Environment for all those professors now catapulted into the different environment of remote instruction who might be scavenging for short, accessible works for their classes. These videos remind our students that it is now their mission  to create a different global environment.


This exhibition of media projects is generously supported by the Park Foundation. It is also a partnership with the Park Center for Independent Media at Ithaca College.