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FAQs and Other Vital Info




Where does the festival take place?

The festival takes place on the Ithaca College campus and in downtown Ithaca at the local art cinemas, Cinemapolis and Fall Creek Cinemas. Galas and gatherings also happen at selected locations around Ithaca such as Castaways, the Lost Dog Lounge and Korova.

How do I know what is happening and where it is located?

The best way to find out what is happening at the 2009 edition of FLEFF is to check out our website frequently. We are adding programming and guests and update constantly.  Go to our website for a downloadable PDF grid of schedule of events, print it out, and plot your FLEFF 2009 experience on hard copy. Then carry that hard copy grid with you at all times!

I've never attended a film festival, and the programming feels overwhelming and vast.  How can I learn "how to festival"?

Great question!

Our simple answer is that festivals, to quote Barbara Ehrenreich, mobilize "the production of collective joy." 

Festivals also bring people together for experiences and conversations they would not otherwise engage in during daily life.

Many of the attendees at the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival are first-time festival goers. FLEFF is sometimes their first festival experience, especially if they are a high school or college student.  Others have attended a music festival or a literary festival or a film festival. 

FLEFF is different--it's a multimedia festival that explores works in film, video, installation, music, art, writing, silent film/live music, workshops, master classes. As a result, it can feel hard to navigate.

Here's a simple solution:  Print out our festival schedule of events grids.  Then read our FLEFF 2009 website. See what interests you.  Get a colored highlighter. Plot your way through the festival day by day, based on your interests.

Here's another solution: Print out our festival schedule of events grids.  Read our website. Decide on a THEME or particular form of ART/MEDIA you'd like to focus on. Get a colored highlighter. Plot your path.

Some festival-goers ONLY attend the FLEFF music events. Some  festival-goers only attend workshops, masters classes and screenings with festival guests.  Some festival-goers only participate in events exploring a programming stream, say, Toxins. 

Final navigational idea: ask interns, festival staff, or Cinemapolis staff what they recommend!

The choice is yours---plan ahead and have fun!

How is the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival unique?

FLEFF is interdisciplinary, transmedia, international.  It's more than a film festival. It's a multimedia interarts extravaganza that reboots how we think about the environment. 

Most importantly, FLEFF is festival of ideas.  Nearly every event (with the exception of our live music events which are presented in concert style) features extensive audience discussion, debate and exchange.

How can I meet and interact with festival visiting artists, filmmakers, scholars, digital artists, writers?  It feels intimidating...

The best way to meet our festival guests is to participate!  Attend their  screenings, events, master classes, workshops. Ask questions. Approach them when the session is over with your responses to their work. Festival guests come to  FLEFF to INTERACT with the audience. They want to  experience first hand how people respond to their work.  Rank, age, fame, infamy, experience, inexperience DO NOT MATTER AT ALL--at a festival, everyone is simply a festival goer. It's that simple. A time-worn slogan in the festival world is worth remembering. Festivals are, in the end, about the "Two P's": People and Participation.

Engage our FLEFF guests!  They are waiting to chat with you and exchange ideas! Also, most of the guests attend our galas and gatherings in the hopes of meeting people.....see you there?


Who are all these young people in FLEFF t-shirts with lanyards?

Those smiling, energetic, engaged young people sporting the black FLEFF t-shirts and wearing special lanyards are FLEFF INTERNS.  Our FLEFF interns have been competitively selected.  They are a vital part of our FLEFF team.  They work to produce the festival in areas like marketing, blogging, operations, and hospitality. There would be no FLEFF without FLEFF interns.

All  FLEFF interns are  here to help you enjoy and navigate your festival experience. They know the program. They know the guest artists. They know the venues. And they know directions.  They will be more than happy to help you figure out FLEFF. They are eagerly and anxiously awaiting your queries! Just ask them anything. If they can't answer, they will find out with the quick flip of a cellphone!

Hey, some of those people in FLEFF t-shirts don't look so young....?

If those FLEFF t-shirt wearers also are wearing a LANYARD, they are most likely festival staff, Cinemapolis or Fall Creek staff, or 7th Art Corporation Cinemapolis board members.  If they don't have a lanyard, they are FLEFF supporters and allies, like you!   Everyone can help you navigate the festival, select some events to attend, or provide directions. Part of the fun of a festival is just meeting people and talking about events, films, readings, workshops.  Even getting directions from someone at a festival can open up conversations....

How can I get a FLEFF t shirt or hat?

You can buy a FLEFF t-shirt or hat at most major festival events. Our operations interns will be there at a table, both on campus and at the theaters.  Festival hats and t-shirts will also be available for purchase at our festival headquarters Monday through Friday during festival week, located at the Division of Interdisciplinary and International Studies in the Center for Health Sciences (2nd floor)  at Ithaca College. 

How much do FLEFF events and screenings cost on campus?

Every FLEFF event on campus Monday through Friday afternoon of the festival is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

How much do FLEFF theatrical films downtown cost?

Theatrical screenings take place on Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday of the festival, and cost $8.50 per show, $6.50 for matinees.

For a screening discount, it's best to buy a festival five pass. Festival passes (not single tickets to individual shows) are available starting in mid-January at Cinemapolis, Fall Creek, and at the Ithaca College bookstore. Payment for festival passes and for all tickets is by check and cash only.

Individual ticket for one matinee screening (Saturday, Sunday) $6.50

Student with valid ID (Sunday evening only) $6.50

Festival five-pass* $40.00

Student five-pass with valid ID* $32.50

*Please note that festival passes may be shared among several people.*

Are festival passes sold online?

Festival tickets and passes are NOT sold online. Passes are available for purchase at Cinemapolis, Fall Creek and the Ithaca College bookstore.  Cash or check.

Do FLEFF events have reserved seating?

Seating at all screenings and concerts is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Why doesn't FLEFF look like a traditional environmental film festival?

Good question.

And if you are asking this question, then FLEFF is doing its job to spur you to interrogate and probe the concept and the construct of "the environment."

We'd ask another question. What in fact IS a "traditional environmental film festival"?  Many people assume that the term environmental refers to a very confined view of nature, pollutants, and protection of natural resources. 

FLEFF's programming philosophy moves beyhind this limited (and frequently considered a developed first world point of view) position and embraces a broader matrix of interconnecting issues that help us to map sustainability from an international perspective. This wider view entails exploring the interconnections between humans and the environment, looking beyond an exclusive focus on nature and natural resources to larger contextual issues of labor, human rights, war, indigenous rights, culture, technology, public policy, and beyond. 

FLEFF explores an environmental way of thinking that  looks for connections and interrelationships that are constantly mutating and changing.