Learning That Never Stops

These stories showcase a cumulative learning experience that doesn’t end at graduation. Meet students, faculty, and other IC community members who took risks, embraced setbacks, and iterated their way to success.

A Place That Transforms

Learn about students, faculty, and other IC community members who were changed by the stunning natural beauty and eclectic cultural scene here—along with those who transformed IC with their vision for a better world.

Growing the Future

“I think it’s important to know that you can pursue any passion you want and there’s a way to make it your profession.” 

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An Experience That Evolves

College isn’t just about meeting requirements. Meet those who took chances, charted new paths, found unexpected sides of themselves, and developed an unstoppable, ever-evolving mindset.
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Expertise That Elevates

Our leaders connect and align the strengths of others, forge new territory, make tough decisions, and dare innovative solutions. Get to know those in our bold-thinking community who are making an impact.
Elisa Rodriguez

Elisa Rodriguez

Reading the Future
Elisa Rodriguez ’14 is helping to shape tomorrow’s critical thinkers one student at a time.

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A piece of advice I would give to a woman interested in STEM is to stay interested. Don't let anyone deter you from what you enjoy. Be unapologetically, enthusiastic and nerdy about it. It is really dorky, but if you find something that you like that much, don't give it up because it gets a little tough sometimes. Stay with it. I promise it's really worth it.

Beth Ryan '22

 I think when you come on our campus and you can see yourself living and thriving in this community, especially if you apply yourself and really want to get involved. I think that's the combination that makes it different. Again, from a very large or a very small school, we're right in the middle. I really like that.

Dave Prunty, IC employee of 30 years

Instead of thinking in terms of ‘I,’ we think in terms of ‘we’. So progress for me would be thinking about the fabrics of people who brought something forward, and all of the people who contributed to [that] something and continue to remake it, rather than the one person's name who shows up in a history book or on a building.

Belisa Gonzalez, professor of sociology