Health Literacy Education Training Program

A pilot train-the-trainer program designed for professionals in healthcare and community-based organizations to customize trainings for their organization to create health literacy awareness and organizational goals or initiatives to support a sustainable champion model. Trainers are taught to identify and customize training to improve health literacy competencies for professionals that support the attributes of a health literate organization.

"This has been one of the most useful trainings I've been to in my professional life.  Amazing job of getting this all into 2-3 days!  Thank you! " 

Taken from CNY Care Collaborative 2019 Cohort Evaluation

The Program

Three small cohorts of skilled presenters from various organizations were selected to participate in program designed for partners of organizations funded by New York State to restructure the health care delivery system through a Delivery System Reform Incentive Program (DSRIP).  The two organizations, Care Compass Network and CNY Care Collaborative  provided financial incentives for their partners to commit to supporting the implementation of health literacy strategies for their organization.   Incentives were given for: 

  • Attending pre-requisite training (health literacy 101, health numeracy,  and clear communication / confirming understanding ( 4.5 hours) 

  • Completing 16 hours of training (CEU & CME credits awarded) 

  • Providing 12 hours of training to organizations and / or individuals served within 6 months of completing the training.  

  • Utilizing individual consulting.  

Professionals selected for the program were required to meet a set of criteria due to the condensed format and time frame of the program.  For example, those selected for the cohorts were required to have skills in presenting  and facilitating competency trainings.

Support for the newly trained trainers included up to 5 hours of free individual consulting, monthly learning collaborative and an health literacy resources that included presentations, videos, tools, and more. 


One of our goals for the program was to increase the number of individuals reached in counties represented in the two DSRIP Organizations by trained in our health literacy program. We set a goal of each person would train at least 20 people within 6 months of the program training.  

The program trained 34 individuals in health literacy competencies, universal precaution strategies and becoming health literate organizations.  A goal to reach at least 680 individuals in health literacy training opportunities was set for January 31, 2020.

While not all 34 individuals met the individual goal, we more than doubled the number of individuals trained within 6 months of completing the training program.  Health Literacy Trainers  collectively trained over 1400 individuals by January 31, 2020.  Trainers submitted demographic information on those they provided training for during the 6 month practical training period. 

What's Next

We are excited to announce that the Health Literacy Education Training Program will be offered in the spring of 2021 with funding from the Health Foundation for Western & Central New York. 

The Call to Action Health Literacy Trainer Program is offered from April to December 2021.  Organizations will receive financial  Incentives for completing the outlined benchmarks.  Note some changes made to stipend requirements.

  • Attend 21 hours of health literacy training
  • Attend a day long conference tentatively scheduled in Fall 2021
  • Provide 6-8 hours of health training by November 1, 2021
  • Provide demographic information on individuals trained by trainers.
  • Trainer utilizes up to 5 consulting sessions. 

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