Thoughts about the New Rowing Center

Dan Robinson '79, M.S. '92, Head Coach, Men's CrewDan Robinson '79, M.S. '92, Head Coach, Men's Crew

The boathouse campaign is the largest and most important endeavor the crew has ever undertaken in my 36 years of involvement with the Ithaca program. The idea that we could raise $1 million in less than one year seemed preposterous at the time. Today it is a reality, and I couldn't be more proud or more humble. This new facility will immediately make the current participants feel more relevant with Ithaca College athletics. Old-timers will understand what I mean by that.

The increased training space will have a tremendous positive impact. Athletes will be able to train more. Changing rooms with showers will mean less wasted time and more convenience. The additional storage will mean safer and easier access to equipment as well as being able to keep the exterior tidy and attractive. An attractive building with a visible presence downtown will only enhance the program's profile. More students will be interested in what is going on!

Come next fall, students will be able to arrive and park in a paved, attractively landscaped lot, watch practice video on a large screen in a designated area, change in the adjoining locker rooms, sit on the ergs in the upstairs mezzanine and warm up with a 30-minute row routine, participate in a regular "on-the-water" practice, shower and change, meet with the coach in a comfortable office, and then return to campus with no further crew obligations. Life for student-rowers will never be the same. It will be much better!