Your Chance to Change Lives

Behind the scenes at Ithaca College, wheels are in motion to make sure every student has access to the kind of quality education our institution
is known for. But tuition dollars cover only about 88 percent of the IC experience.

That's why the college works so hard to bring in more funding in the form of institutional grants, federal- and state-supported grants, work-study, loans, and, perhaps most critically, scholarships. Over 90 percent of students receive this kind of assistance. Oftentimes, these funds make or break a student's ability to stay enrolled at IC.

But scholarships aren't just about students; they're about you, too. Scholarships provide you with the opportunity to honor a loved one, a classmate, a teacher. They can help you zero in on a favorite program or field of study, then make special opportunities available to students who are involved in it. Scholarships can be staggering in their scope, from funds specifically earmarked for those who demonstrate academic excellence to awards given for participation in extracurricular activities and community service.

And, of course, many scholarships at IC address one of the most common challenges: financial need.

When students receive scholarships, their lives are forever changed. They will never forget the impact of your generosity -- and neither will you.