Team Captains will be contacted a minimum of one hour before their scheduled games or managers can call (607) 274-1063.

Ithaca College uses the guidelines and rules that have been established by a national governing body for each sport. These rules have been adopted to provide the safest and fairest play available while also allowing the participants to have fun. The national governing body for each sport is listed in the rules.

To sign up, go to https://recreation.ithaca.edu/DivisionRegistration. From there, you can register a team as a captain, find your captain's team on the site and join it, or sign up as a free agent and request joining a team. If there is any trouble signing up, feel free to either email Campusrec@ithaca.edu or call (607) 274-1063.

If your team cannot make a game and it is before 5 pm the day before your scheduled game (unless is it Sunday in which it must be before 5 pm on Friday), you can "default" the game at https://recreation.ithaca.edu/ to avoid having to pay a forfeit fee. If it is after 5 pm of the day before your scheduled game, please "forfeit" the game at https://recreation.ithaca.edu/ to let us know you will have to forfeit the game and the team will have to pay a $25 forfeit fee. If the team does not pay the $25 fee by the team's last scheduled game, the team will not be able to play in the playoffs and each member of the team will be charged a $5 fee on their Fusion IM account.

Forfeit fees are used to discourage teams from "just not showing up". The forfeit bond pays for the cost of Intramural Sports officials and supervisors when a team doesn’t show.

There are many Intramural Sports activities available to all faculty, students, and staff. For each activity, eligibility requirements may be included. They can be found in the Intramural Sports rules for the activity as well as the Intramural Sports Handbook.

Emerson field is behind Emerson Hall. The Allen fields are the practice football fields to the north of the main campus entrance. Yavits Extension in the field north of Upper Allen and west of Park School. Higgins Turf is the turf field found behind the A&E Center. For an interactive map of Ithaca College, use the link https://map.ithaca.edu/.

Schedules are posted on https://recreation.ithaca.edu/FusionIM/Schedule.