Interconnections Among Disciplines, Schools, Partners

Identifying systemic barriers to integration and places where policies, procedures, or organizational structures may need to be redesigned or created in order to support connections.

This work group will focus on the interconnections among groups, departments, schools, offices, and with the broader community.  We have heard a desire for a greater sense of connection and community on campus, and a concern about the detrimental impacts of “silos.”  This group will examine three broad areas: Integration and Interdisciplinarity, Cross-Sector and Cross-Institutional Partnerships, and Governance. 

The areas of focus for this working group will include:

  • Integration and Interdisciplinarity
  • Cross-Sector and Cross-Institutional Partnerships
  • Governance


Paula Ioanide Associate Professor, Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity
Chris McNamara Clinical Associate Professor and Clinic Director
Bonnie Prunty Dean of Students


Brad Buchanan Staff
Cheryl Christopher Staff
Bill Corbett Staff
Benjamin Costello Staff
Erin Davis Staff
Elijah Earl Staff
Barbara Ganzel Faculty
David Harker Staff
Alyse Harris Student
Joan Hurley Staff
Harriet Malinowitz Faculty
Carlie McClinsey Student
Cathy Michael Staff
Hierald Osorto Staff
Beth Reynolds Staff
Rasoul Rezvanian Staff
Vashane Rhooms Staff
Anna Rosenblatt Staff
John Sigg Faculty
Omar Stoute Staff
Andrew Torelli Faculty
Karen Walls Staff
Ivy Walz Faculty
Maggie Wetter Staff
Jen Wofford Staff