2021-2022 Highlights

A Sustainable Financial Model and Campus Master Plan

  • Increased philanthropy and engagement, i.e. Giving Day which raised more than $2.2.million; For FY22, total giving saw a 19% increase over FY21 at $7.7 million including almost $1.3 million in unrestricted funds.
  • Developed cross-sector partnerships, such as the collaboration with Cayuga Health System, to provide student health services
  • Advanced the campus master plan to improve space utilization that will enhance the student experience and promote teaching and learning, including capital investment in renovation of Dillingham Plaza and main campus entry.
  • Launched the Teaching Resource Allocation Committee (TRAC) to advise the Provost on continuing faculty line allocations  

Enrollment, Retention, and Student Engagement

  • Implemented multiple components of the new pricing and value strategy, now called The Ithaca Commitment, including elimination of the CSS Profile, a revamped financial aid package and adoption of a four-year financial forecast with direct cost cap for new students, and individual virtual financial aid counseling appointments.
  • Built and implemented a new, comprehensive, and integrated yield campaign resulting in an increase in yield of three points, meeting new student enrollment goals for Fall 2022
  • Created and launched the new Center for Student Success and Retention which will bring synergy, efficiency, and effectiveness to student retention efforts across campus.
  • Created a lower-cost on-campus housing and dining option to provide a high value, affordable alternative while retaining seniors and graduate students in campus housing
  • Initiated a second instance of the Slate constituent relationship management (CRM) tool to strengthen support of and engagement with current students.

COVID & Public Health Management

  • Continued public health management and emergency preparedness efforts resulted in successful in-person semesters in both Fall 2021 and Spring 2022
  • Implemented changes to face covering policy consistent with Tompkins County Health Department’s guidance
  • As of May 4, students, faculty, and staff accessing campus were no longer be required to complete the daily screening form, and students were no longer required to display their health badge to access areas across campus.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives

  • President’s Office established support for LGBTQ Fellowship
  • Multiple SACL departments are directly devoted to DEIB work, including the Center for IDEAS, LGBTQ Center, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, MLK Scholars Program and First Gen Center, and Student Equity and Belonging
  • Office of Student Engagement representative events included: Social Action Leadership Retreat, Women Leaders Series, Leading in a Diverse World, and a Student Leadership Institute certificate in “Leading in a Diverse World”
  • Sexual Violence Prevention Committee events calendar 2022 included:
    • Understanding Your Identity (IC Responsibility)
    • Bystander training
    • Self Care & Supporting Survivor
  • Active engagement with alumni group ICUnity and AABD D&I committee
  • Fundraising for several different funds and scholarships that support African American, Latino, Asian, American, or Native American (ALANA) students
  • Continued our partnership with the United World Colleges in order to recruit more diverse international students.
  • Created the position of Director of Faculty Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging in the Provost’s Office, to coordinate, support, and lead faculty DEIB work across campus.​​​​​​​

A Caring Campus Community

  • Summer Restorative Fridays
  • Support for community in the wake of local, regional and national tragedies
  • Bonuses for essential staff who were required to report to work on campus during the pandemic
  • Changed eligibility requirement for tuition remission benefit to only one year of service
  • Offering enrollment into the Sanvello Health and Wellness App for all campus community members
  • Creation of the Wellness Leadership Council charged with coordinating and centralizing information about Health and Wellness Resources available for the campus community.

Leveraging Innovations in our Teaching, Learning, and Work Environments

  • Established Educational Technologies Advisory Committee, a multi-constituency committee sponsored by the CIO and the Provost, to articulate and advance faculty priorities as they relate to teaching, learning, and research as it applies to the use of educational technologies applications.
  • The Center for Faculty Excellence, drawing on expertise and materials learned and gathered during the pandemic, has built a growing virtual hub of resources on pedagogical and technological innovations and solutions to support teaching.
  • Developed and delivered certificate program in Opera Direction, leveraging both remote teaching expertise and the attraction of Ithaca in summer to deliver hybrid program in niche market.
  • Continuing to develop our first fully online masters program, with goal to implement in fall 2024.
  • Student information system upgrade was completed in February. Benefits include an intuitive, modern, and more user-friendly experience, whether students are accessing applications via mobile or traditional device.
  • Implemented the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), a robust, student centered, LMS with mobile app to meet the needs of all students and to deliver a consistent learning experience
  • Announced the formation of the new School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, which will bring together two of IC’s most renowned programs, allowing for more cross-disciplinary education and exposure and better preparing students for real-world multidisciplinary artistic careers in the 21st century.

Spring 2021 Updates

Launch of the Physician Assistant Program

As of April 13, 2021, Ithaca College has received provisional accreditation and approval to launch our Master of Science in Physician Assistant (PA) Studies, which will be housed in our School of Health Sciences and Human Performance (HSHP). We are particularly enthusiastic about this program because the demand for physician assistants continues to grow rapidly nationwide, creating significant professional opportunities for our students. We look forward to welcoming the inaugural class of 30 PA students into this graduate program this fall.

Our strategic plan activates us to educate, engage, and empower through theory, practice, and performance. The PA Program aligns tightly with this mission, doing so by identifying, actualizing, and leveraging areas of growth and potential to enable this college to evolve in a bold and student-centered direction that embraces the promise of the future. 

Milestone Moment for Ithaca Forever

Nine institutional goals comprise Ithaca College’s strategic plan, Ithaca Forever, one of which is to “determine and maintain an appropriate and sustainable size for our programs and structures, and the associated resources, at every level of the institution.” 

February 24, 2021, marks a milestone in the implementation of our plan, with President Shirley M. Collado and Provost La Jerne Terry Cornish’s approval of all of the recommendations in the Shape of the College final report. This report outlines necessary changes to our academic affairs division to align the size of the faculty in right proportion to the size of the student body and our academic programs in right proportion to student interest and need. The provisions of the Shape of the College report will begin to be implemented in academic year 2021-22. 

Read the Shape of the College report here.

Twelve-Month Campus Action Group

The Twelve-Month Campus Action Group has continued to meet weekly since its inception.  Some of the work we have been doing includes the following:

  • Ropes Course in the IC Natural Lands – The group put together a proposal for a teambuilding and leadership development focused ropes course in the IC Natural Lands.
  • Ithaca 360 – The group developed plans for a college-wide initiative where members of our community could present a program or workshop on an area of passion for other members of our community.  This program would be open to alumni, students, faculty, staff, and professors emeriti.  This program is meant to connect our IC community in a way that is accessible and promotes learning and growth.  This program would take place during two weeks of the summer: one week would be in-person on the South Hill campus, and the other week would be remote.
  • IC in 3 – The action group worked to identify degree programs that could be completed in three years, potentially utilizing summer sessions.
  • IC Engagement Hub – The group has been laying the groundwork to create one web location where current and potential students can explore the experiential learning opportunities that exist for all Ithaca College students, and where they can learn about experiential learning requirements (like practicums, student teaching, fieldwork) for various majors.

Older Updates

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