Appropriate Size

GOAL: Determine and maintain an appropriate and sustainable size for our programs, structures, and associated resources at every level of the institution.

Goal Co-Chairs

  • Brad Hougham (faculty)
  • Dave Weil (staff)

Academic Program Review Action Group

This group will develop the criteria to be used to review academic programs by investigating opportunities for growth, consolidation, or reorganization of programs or schools for material savings and concentration of program strength.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Chris McNamara (faculty)
  • Maria Bushby (student)
  • Julia Cozzarelli (faculty)
  • Michelle Doucette (staff)
  • Heather Ebbets (student)
  • Nile Gossa-Tsegaye (student)
  • Sara Haefeli (faculty)
  • Christine McKinnie (staff)
  • Kayla Shuster (student)
  • Jennifer Tennant (faculty)
  • Catherine Weidner (faculty)

Non-Academic Program Review Action Group

This group will research and identify areas for administrative cooperation, opportunities for efficiencies, and elimination of redundancies by assessing and reviewing non-academic units with an eye toward finding opportunities for growth, consolidation, or reorganization for material savings and efficacy.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Ernie McClatchie (staff)
  • Hailey Aldrich (student)
  • Bill Corbett (staff)
  • Tsedale Forbes (student)
  • Stephanie Gabrieli (staff)
  • Ronald Trunzo (staff)
  • Megan Wagner (student)

Additional Goal Objectives

These initiatives will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for action groups to be formed:

Leverage the capacity of our existing analytics resources to develop a culture of data informed decision making and assessment

  • Introduce all college academic data dashboard to deans, associate deans and department chairs
  • Identify ways in which the data dashboard can be used to make informed decisions at the departmental level, school level, and college level

Develop a comprehensive enrollment strategy that is inclusive and financially sustainable, and transforms our student body

  • Create brand platform
  • Create working group to look at increasing transfer enrollments