Community Partnerships

GOAL: Develop cross-sector and community partnerships that address challenging issues, optimize the use of resources, and serve the public good.

Goal Chair

  • David Harker (staff)

Former Co-Chair

  • Paula Younger (staff)

Off-Campus Learning Action Group

This group will enhance off-campus learning by increasing the number and depth of opportunities, specifically by researching transportation options for higher levels of engagement between the campus and local community and developing partnership pathways.

Action Group Members

  • Kara Bowen (student)
  • Marsha Dawson (staff)
  • Laura Heppes (student)
  • Francesca Infante-Meehan (student)
  • Elizabeth Kaletski (faculty)
  • Sihaya Moraleda (staff)
  • Anna O'Neil (student)
  • James Rada (faculty)

Former Members

  • Co-chair: Kristin LiBritz (staff)
  • Scott Doyle (faculty)
  • Kelsey Dunne (staff)

Climate Action Action Group

Understanding that our students must prepare to engage the most challenging problems our world faces today—climate change and its ramifications—this group will explore the creation of an interdisciplinary center for climate justice and ways to enhance Ithaca College’s sustainability mindset around this critical issue.

Action Group Members

  • Co-chair: Kathryn Caldwell (faculty)
  • Alexandra DeSousa (student)
  • Patricia Capaldi (faculty)
  • Fae Dremock (faculty)
  • Rebecca Evans (staff)
  • Sainabou Jallow (student)
  • William Kolberg (faculty)
  • Daniel  Mailloux (student)
  • Gordon Rowland (staff)
  • Cyndy Scheibe (faculty)
  • Stephen Shoemaker (staff)
  • Michael Smith (faculty)
  • Paula Welling (staff)
  • Jenelle Whalon (staff)

Partnership Pathways Action Group

Action Group Members

  • Benjamin Costello (staff)
  • Kirra Franzese (staff)
  • Jon Gregory (staff)
  • Sheila Ossit (staff)
  • David Prunty (staff)
  • Kimberly Slusser (staff)
  • Thomas Swensen (faculty)

Former Members

  • Don Austin (staff)
  • Catrina VanAtta (staff)
  • Kirk Harbinger (staff)
  • Kristin LiBritz (staff)

Additional Goal Objectives

This initiative will be tackled by specific operational units and will not call for an action group to be formed:

  • Cultivate an environmentally sustainable mindset on campus by continuing fossil-free and Environmental, Social, and Government (ESG) strategies in investments.