The James J. Whalen Academic Symposium Award Winners 2024

Inspire other students, faculty, staff, and community members with your commitment to your topic and the depth of expertise you have developed.

Please see all photos from the 2024 Whalen Symposium linked here.

The following were the Whalen Symposium 2024 Award Winners:


Best Overall Oral Presentation (Highest Score)
1968 to 2016- A Comparative Analysis of Media Response to Athlete Protest
By: Jess Moskowitz
Faculty Sponsor: Ellen Staurowsky

Best of the School of Business
Understanding CPAs' Hesitancy in Serving the Growing Cannabis Industry
By: Matthew Naveran
Faculty Sponsor: Margaret Shackell

Best of the School of Communications
Coin Flip
By: Kaitlyn St. Hilaire, Nathan Zimmer, Keenan Jackson
Faculty Sponsor: Chrissy Guest

Best of the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
Detection of Vancomycin Resistance Gene in the Gut Microbiomes of Endangered Wild Mantled Howler Monkeys of Costa Rica
By: Cassidy Gallivan, John Pirone, Olivia Waguespack
Faculty Sponsor: Kari Brossard Stoos

Best of the School of Humanities and Sciences
Rebecca Makkai’s The Great Believers: A Homogenized Thanatological Queerness
By: Andrew Poma
Faculty Sponsor: Katharine Kittredge

Best of the School of Music, Theatre & Dance
British Media Case Study: Sherwood
By: Casey Ingraham
Faculty Sponsor: Phil Melanson

Poster Presentations

Best Overall Poster (Highest Score)
Comparing the Efficacy of Melodic Intonation Therapy and Constraint-Induced Language Therapy on Increased Expressive Language in Adults with Aphasia
By: Shannon Johnston
Faculty Sponsor: David Hajjar

Best of the School of Communications
Suicide Awareness and Prevention Among 18-24 Year Olds
By: Emma Boisvert
Faculty Sponsor: Lisa Farman

Best of the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance
Playing Like a Child: The Importance of Play in Occupational Therapy
By: Kendra Atstupenas, Ella Meoli
Faculty Sponsor: Amie Germain

Best of the School of Humanities and Sciences
Investigating Autoinducer Synthase Binding With JKR-1, a Transition-State Analog Inhibitor
By: Noah Strathmann, Rishab Sen
Faculty Sponsor: Scott Ulrich

Visual Presentation

Best Visual Presentation
From Commission to Performance: Working with Living Composers
By: Timothy Coffey, Noemi Bender

Congratulations to all our Award Winners!

"Be open to life. Do not allow conformity to wear down your aspirations. Have the courage to trust your own dreams."

James J. Whalen, President of Ithaca College, 1975–1997

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