We strongly recommend that you are vaccinated against COVID-19 prior to returning to Ithaca. Individuals who have been vaccinated do NOT need to share proof of vaccination with the college, but proof of vaccination is appreciated since vaccinated individuals will not need to wear masks for indoor or outdoor activities, per CDC guidelines. Simply send a photo of the card, with your name and the vaccination date(s) clearly showing, to returntocampus@ithaca.edu by noon on Thursday, June 24. 


COVID-19 testing prior to coming to Ithaca is recommended, but NOT required. However, for the health and safety of others, we ask that you not travel to Ithaca if you test positive, which is possible even if vaccinated; if you are in public health-ordered isolation or quarantine; or if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.   


Unvaccinated alumni (including those not yet fully immunized) do NOT need to be tested upon arrival in Ithaca, but will be expected to wear masks for indoor activities and be socially distanced from others when appropriate.     


When you return to campus, you will still be expected to follow the expectations outlined below:    

  • Physical Distancing – you should always practice physical distancing by keeping at least 6-feet between you and others in your building, around campus, and in the Ithaca community. If there is someone already in an elevator, please wait to take the next available ride.   

  • Face Coverings – As guests of the college, face coverings are required for unvaccinated alumni (including those not yet fully immunized) when indoors on campus (exceptions: in your room or in designated dining areas while eating).  

  • Quarantine and Isolation – Alumni who are ordered by the public health department to isolate as a positive case or quarantine due to being a close contact may not remain in their campus residence hall. You will be required to relocate to Emerson Hall or another space designated by Ithaca College officials. In addition, alumni displaying COVID-19 symptoms may be instructed by Hammond Health providers to temporarily quarantine in Emerson Hall while test results are pending.   or another space designated by Ithaca College officials.