Traditionally, first-year MLK Scholars have worked together to coordinate a reflective presentation to our campus community during our MLK Campus-Wide Celebration each January. This presentation was a culmination of their US Civil Rights seminar and their Civil Rights Tour to parts of Georgia and Alabama.

This year, our new 'Scholars were asked to address the question 'Where Do We Go From Here: Chaos or Community?" in a final paper for their seminar. These final papers were compiled into one document and sent to the Biden-Harris administration in anticipation of the presidential inauguration. 

'Scholars were also assigned a final individual project; design learning or support resources for our campus community based on a social justice or social change area of interest.


Our first-year MLK Scholars led brief group conversations to discuss the process and impact of completing their final two assignments for their US Civil Rights seminar. The dialogue focused on why they created their specific resources, what they aimed to accomplish, and what a lifelong commitment to social justice means.

  • “Systems and Structures”-The criminal (justice?) system, public education in New York City, the experiences of women of color in the health care system, and taking accountability (at the individual, group, and community levels, including institutions).
  • “Representation and Validation”-Elevating the voices of southern Black artists, natural hair in professional spaces, representation in media, and colorism.
  • “Isms and -ists”-Islamophobia, colorism, code-switching, and racism.

*Each recorded session is available in the cards below.*