Asia Audition Tour 2011

Audition and recruitment tour in Seoul, Hong Kong, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Guangzhou, Shanghai, and Beijing

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Greetings from the airport in Hong Kong. We have had two successful audition days in Seoul and Hong Kong, and we depart for Taipei in about an hour. There are 65 students signed up to audition in Taipei, so it will be a busy 2.5 days there.

To follow up where I left off with my last blog post: Shaun, Amy, and I did go for massages after the Seoul auditions. It was definitely the most "deep-tissue" massage any of us had ever had. We were punched (literally), slapped, shaken, and rolled into semi-consciousness. I even lost consciousness for a couple minutes (ok, I was really tired and fell asleep). Amy still has a number of bruises on her arms. All in all, though, we were feeling better after the massage and went out to another fabulous meal with Jeehyun Kim.

The travels to Hong Kong were smooth. The taxis in HK look like something out of the 1960's (see photo). Since HK used to be a UK colony, the cars drive on the left and the driver sits on the right. It is a tight fit with luggage, so the drivers bungy the trunks down to keep luggage from falling out. Since the cars drive on the left, it makes crossing the street rather dangerous--we have almost been hit a couple of times!

Hong Kong is usually the best place to get decent "western" food, so we went to two Mexican restaurants and even ordered a pizza at another restaurant (not a good idea). The five of us also ate a traditional Chinese meal at the Peking Garden restaurant in Kowloon last night. This has been a 22 year tradition for this group at this restaurant, and it is good to hear the veterans speak about old memories and how the trip has evolved over time.

After the HK auditions, we visited Victoria Peak, which was amazing. We took a taxi, as we did not want to wait in lines for the trolley or gondola. Victoria Peak overlooks the city and provides breathtaking views (see photos). We also took a bus over to the Stanley Market, where we bought some gifts for family and friends.

It was raining today, so it has been a good day to catch up on work. We will arrive in Taipei around 10:00pm, so it will be a late night and then we start auditions bright and early tomorrow. More posts to come soon. I miss everyone back home!


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