Past Repertoire


 Lawrence Doebler, conductor
Jennifer Sengin, graduate assistant
Lee Wright, graduate assistant

DREAMS Tour 2010

Dream of Democracy
The National Anthem                       
Arranged by Dana Wilson
Francis Scott Key, poet

Dreams Hidden in Flowers

Three Flower Songs                        Eric Whitacre                       

I hide myself (Emily Dickinson)
With a lily in your hand (Federico Garcia Lorca)
Go, lovely rose (Edmund Waller)

Gravity’s Dream

Gravity’s Dream                        Steven Stucky                       

Kate Light, poet
World Premiere November 14, 2009

David’s Dream

When David Heard                        Norman Dinerstein
II Samuel 18:33               

Dream of Freedom

Follow the Drinking Gourd                        Arranged by Allen Koepke
African American folk song

Climbin’ up the Mountain                          Arranged by Moses Hogan
African American folk song

Dream of Peace

Dona Nobis Pacem                                    Ralph Vaughan Williams

Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi
Beat! Beat! Drums! Blow Bugles! Blow (Walt Whitman)

Reconciliation (Whitman)
Dirge for Two Veterans (Whitman)
The Angel of Death (John Bright)
O Man Greatly Beloved (Biblical)



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