2013 Fall Convocation

Karl Paulnack
Dean, School of Music
Convocation Speaker

Wednesday, September 4, 2013
10:00 AM
Ford Hall

Watch the performance of "Summer Thing" by Nicholas Walker on YouTube

Watch Dean Karl Paulnack's School of Music Convocation address "Bridges & Barriers" on YouTube

About the music

Summer Thing, an original composition by School of Music bass faculty Nicholas Walker, is a simple tune designed for jamming. Because it consists of only a few harmonies and a straightforward upbeat groove, emphasis is placed on the interaction between musicians and the performers' connection with the audience. (Bridges.) To further authenticate the special energy in authentic interactive group improvisation the performers deliberately did not rehearse this piece before the convocation. The ensemble has never played it together before, and did not use any sheet music. (Walls.) Instead, Frank Campos, Mike Titlebaum, and Greg Evans listened to a recording of the tune from Walker's 2000 CD release, Message in a Bateau. In this way, these three IC professors are making private, intimate connections with the NYC band Walker used to work with, and thus, the unique creativity and spontaneity from 2000 will find its way to anyone who attended Dean Paulnack's inspiring talk. (Bridges!)

Convocation address

Dean Paulnack's address begins at 8:55 and runs for 35 minutes.