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9/9/2014 - Convocation

Fall 2014 Convocation

      Ford Hall

      Tuesday, September 9, 2014
      8:15 PM EST







Ithaca Brass

Frank Campos, trumpet; Kim Dunnick, trumpet; Hal Reynolds, trombone; Alex Shuhan, horn; Aaron Tindall, tuba
Fanfare (to precede the ballet La Peri)        Paul Dukas (1865-1935)


Karl Paulnack, dean

Welcome, and Ford hall dedication and thanks


Ivy Walz, mezzo-soprano
Deborah Montgomery, soprano
Charis Dimaras, piano

What can we poor females do?      Henry Purcell
Sound the Trumpet                         Henry Purcell


Karl Paulnack, dean

Keynote speech


Ithaca Brass

Contrapunctus no. 9               J.S. Bach  (1685-1750)


Karl Paulnack, dean

Thanks and closing.


Sheherazade Trio

Jennifer Hayghe, Susan Waterbury, Lizzy Simkin

"River" by Sally Lamb McCune