Dual-Threat Student-Athletes

By Tyler Heisey, February 14, 2024
Academic excellence honored at Scholar-Athlete Luncheon.

The Ithaca College Department of Athletics, in conjunction with the Office of the Provost, hosted its eighth annual scholar-athlete luncheon on February 13 in Emerson Suites. The celebration honored the exceptional achievements of current junior, senior, and graduate student-athletes, and was attended by deans and faculty advisors.

A total of 55 student-athletes from 22 of Ithaca’s 27 athletic teams were honored at this year’s ceremony, which required them to have a cumulative grade-point average of 3.75 or higher for over five or more semesters. Tyler Heisey, associate director of athletics; and Margaret Shackell, associate professor of accounting and the college’s faculty athletics representative; spearheaded the initiative alongside the Provost’s and President’s offices to honor the student-athletes' performances in the classroom.


President La Jerne Terry Cornish praised attendees for their work at the "intersection" of scholars and athletes.

“Your professors get glimpses into your life as an athlete, and your coaches get glimpses into your life as a scholar, but only you know those quiet moments in between,” President La Jerne Terry Cornish said, addressing the student-athletes. “Rushing from practice to a study group. Rescheduling a test you missed because of a tournament. Finding a quiet place on the team bus to catch up on your reading. I want to applaud all of the work you do at the intersection of scholar and athlete. Just as we cheer on your outstanding performances in the classrooms and performance spaces.”

Reefe Harrison’24 of the men’s soccer team served as the keynote speaker at the luncheon and talked about his journey with the team, the highs and lows of the past three seasons, and how that molded the culture of the team. Harrison was a three-time all-academic performer in the Liberty League and appeared in 44 games during his career.

Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Melanie Stein congratulated the honorees for their dual accomplishments.

“Everything we do here is about providing a supportive transformational educational experience, and athletics forms one of the cornerstones of this vibrant community,” she told the crowd. “I’m glad we are here to honor these students. This achievement takes dedication, balance and hard work and I commend our athletes. As athletic and scholastic leaders, you are models for your peers and the entire campus community.”

All-Star Roster

Below is a list of the student-athletes whose academic achievements were recognized at the Scholar-Athlete Luncheon:

Emma Anderson, Women’s Crew

Hayley Armstrong, Women’s Lacrosse

Marlena Bailey, Gymnastics

Meghan Bell, Women’s Crew

Melanie Belmont, Women’s Crew

Matthew Beyer, Wrestling

Patrick Bierach, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field

Lauren Brady, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Austin Bush, Football

Carolina, Cedraschi, Women’s Track & Field

Katie Champagne, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Abby Chesshire, Gymnastics

Camryn Coffey, Women’s Basketball

Olivia Comolli, Softball

Anna Cornell, Softball

Rheanna DeCrow, Women’s Golf

Belle Deoliveira, Softball

Sarah DeVito, Field Hockey

Jillian Freyman, Gymnastics

Cassidy Gallivan, Gymnastics

Kaylie Goodwin, Gymnastics

Caroline Grass , Men’s Crew

Caleb Grassi, Men’s Crew

John Griffin, Baseball

Maddie Hall, Women’s Lacrosse

Reefe Harrison, Men’s Soccer

Hudson Hassler, Softball

Lexi Held, Women’s Lacrosse

James Hughes, Men’s Cross Country and Track & field

Emily Johnson , Women’s Cross Country and Track & Field

Alexis Kellish, Women’s Lacrosse

Katherine Lawrence, Women’s Soccer

Nicole Lonski, Gymnastics

Margaret Mandel, Women’s Lacrosse

Abigail Marraccino, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Riley Maynard, Men’s Crew

Isabella Mittelman, Women’s Basketball

Alexandra Montgomery, Volleyball

Zoe Paradis Stern, Women’s Crew

Sydney Phillips, Women’s Lacrosse

Noa Ran-Ressler, Women’s Track & Field

Kaitlyn Russell, Women’s Lacrosse

Audrey Scott, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Jenell Slesser, Women’s Swimming & Diving

Maxwell Sobel, Men’s Tennis

Chris Sohl, Men’s Lacrosse

Matthew Stevens, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Clare Sunderland, Women’s Soccer

Drew Taylor, Men’s Cross Country and Track & Field

Owen  Tobias-Wallingford, Men’s Swimming & Diving

Anya Watkins, Women’s Basketball

Matthew Weil, Men’s Track & Field

Kaitlyn Weis, Women’s Soccer

Caroline Wise, Women’s Lacrosse

Harry Zielinski, Football