Fifth BOLD Cohort Selected

By Leah Aulisio-Sharpe ’22, August 12, 2021
Ten inspired scholars are set to create change.

Ithaca College has selected the fifth cohort of scholars in the BOLD Women’s Leadership Network. An initiative funded by The Pussycat Foundation, the goal of the program is to cultivate inclusion, leadership and innovation in women as they progress in their professional lives and pursue non-profit work and passions.

BOLD scholars are rising juniors who are given scholarships, and during their two years in the program, they have the opportunity to take part in a collective transformation project each year that focuses on challenging issues of inequity and providing spaces for intersectionality that specifically impact the campus community.

“The women selected as 2021-23 BOLD Scholars are innovators and difference-makers who possess an extraordinary commitment to activating a more inclusive, just world for us all,” said President Shirley M. Collado. “Their effort and focus as part of the BOLD network knits tightly to our institutional priority to serve the public good, particularly as we advance a strategic plan that places the student experience—both inside the classroom and out—at the center of our decision-making and vision. I offer my congratulations to this new cohort, and my gratitude to all of the college’s BOLD women, for representing the spirit and ethos of this institution, both here in our campus community and beyond.”

Meet the Scholars

Here are the members of the 5th cohort of BOLD Scholars

Amulya Ravitej Bachala
Hope Borsic
Isabella Topping
Makiyah Adams
Klarholz Jobe
Miriam Brown
Morgana Zendejas Peterson
Nijha Young
Raevyn Goodson
Ruth Hernandez

Following graduation, students are eligible to apply for fellowship funding toward employment with a nonprofit organization.

“Through these opportunities, we hope to increase access to higher education and post-graduate success,” said BOLD program director Samantha Elebiary. “Students’ experience in the program makes them highly competitive candidates in search processes.”

Three scholars from the new cohort, Amulya Ravitej Bachala ’23, Raevyn Goodson’23, and Morgana Zendejas Peterson ’23 shared their thoughts about joining the BOLD legacy.

Amulya Ravitej Bachala.

Amulya Ravitej Bachala.

What inspired you to apply to the BOLD program?

Bachala: The network’s objectives and goals closely match my own aspirations as a potential leader. I wish to serve a goal beyond my own, and this program gives me the opportunity to develop a greater sense of purpose and impact other young women and people.

Goodson: As a BOLD Scholar I see myself as someone whose voice is valued. I feel this way because of the community that BOLD embodies. This is a community that listens to each individual person and encourages every voice to speak and be heard without judgement.

Zendejas Peterson: I’m inspired by BOLD’s unique dedication to financially support, mentor, and teach young, underrepresented women to become powerful leaders in their life and careers.

Raevyn Goodson.

Raevyn Goodson.

What are you most looking forward to in the program?

Bachala: To working in a team of like-minded women with similar goals. It’s an amazing opportunity and as a person who also likes the practical aspects of planning and execution, I’m looking forward to working on projects together. I hope to learn the nuances of navigating teamwork to accomplish something wonderful.

Goodson: Above all, I am most excited to discover, learn and to finally be joined in a community that grants me access to discovering different people and resources.

Zendejas Peterson: I’m looking forward to building a network with other strong female leaders, learning from their experiences, and contributing my own. I want to challenge myself through diverse conversation and building my critical thinking skills, as well as working on a transformational project. I’m excited to be a part of change on campus and beyond.

Morgan Zendejas Peterson

Morgan Zendejas Peterson

Why is being a BOLD Scholar important to you?

Bachala: Being a BOLD Scholar allows us a chance to impact social change. It is important to me personally because of my experiences growing up in a diverse, and at times, turbulent society. But it is of a greater importance to share the wisdom I hope to gather through the program in order to help shape the lives of those who are suffering.

Goodson: Upon becoming a BOLD Scholar, I was immediately introduced to important faculty members, honorable speakers, and most of all creative, yet intelligent people who I identify as more than just my peers. Being a BOLD Scholar is important to me because I know my voice is encouraged by all these people, and because of that I am confident in my words and my ability to absorb new ideas.

Zendejas Peterson: The investment in me and my future is an honor and responsibility. I want to be a courageous leader and affect change. I believe being a BOLD Scholar will help me develop skills, bring me guidance and open opportunities in my life and career. I’m excited to begin this journey.