IC President Says Student Mental Health Is an Urgent Priority

By IC News staff, October 28, 2019
Shirley M. Collado writes that today’s colleges have an obligation to take an institution-wide approach to student wellness.

Ithaca College President Shirley M. Collado spoke out about the importance of prioritizing student mental health in an opinion piece that appeared on October 25 on Education Dive, which provides news and analysis for leaders in higher education. The cultivation of student wellness must be one of our greatest, most urgent priorities, she wrote. She outlined some of the things the college is doing to help students in need:

  • adding counselors and case managers
  • providing 24/7 counselor access, even on breaks
  • creating an Office of Health Promotion and a wellness coaching program

The president also highlighted the ICare Team, which receives and reviews reports of students in distress to determine what support and intervention they need. Composed of campus officials engaged in every aspect of student life, the ICare Team facilitates the academic and personal success of students, contributes to the safety of the campus community and enhances student retention.

In today's world, college is more than a degree, more than an academic education, she wrote. At residential schools especially, college is a place where young adults live, connect, explore and learn to thrive. College is a community — and the more we reach out to support one another, the stronger our community becomes.