Ithaca College Students Learn About Different Cultures

By Sabina Leybold, November 2, 2016

Students Learn About Different Cultures

Imagine being able to travel the world in just one hour, meeting new people and experiencing different cultures firsthand. On Monday, Oct. 31, the Ithaca College International Club turned that dream into reality by transforming IC Square into a truly global setting for its “Around the World in 60 Minutes” event.

International Club members volunteered to represent their home countries or places they know well to help break stereotypes about those cultures and nations. Event attendees could travel from table to table to learn about different countries, taste cultural foods and get their event passports stamped.

“A lot of people have a Eurocentric or American-centric view,” said Kris DiNardi, International Club executive. This event, she said, shows students how to live in a more global way.

The interactivity of “Around the World in 60 Minutes” also helps to bring together international and domestic students, according to Isabella Grullón, vice president of International Club. Members presenting their own experiences can build and demonstrate their cultural pride, which is a main facet of the club’s mission.

“We want to create personal connections and share stories,” said Marcell Fischler, president of International Club. “It’s about fun, food and inclusivity.”

“Around the World in 60 Minutes” is the kickoff event to International Week, a celebration of global experiences and cultures in collaboration with the African Student Association, Asian American Alliance and the Office of International Programs. The week also includes a study abroad panel, Diwali festival, African dance workshop, diversity in the classroom panel, international photo exhibition and One World Concert