Pitch Perfect

By Alex Butler ’22, December 13, 2019
Students pitch business ideas at Rev Demo Day for a share of start-up money.

Each fall, several teams of Ithaca College students are given the opportunity to present their business ideas to a panel of experienced entrepreneurs during the annual Rev: Ithaca Startup Works Demo Day for a share of $5,000. 

Taking home the largest sum this fall was the team of Manny Candelario ’20 and Daniel Albertos  ’21. Their apparel company ORnaked, partners with artists to design one-of-a-kind shirts and hoodies. By working with a variety of artists, they ensure that no two pieces are the same. 

The duo was awarded $1,000 from the panel to help grow their company, which they said would go to a four-color press to speed up their production process and increase their creative potential. 

The event was the first time Candelario and Albertos had pitched their company to others. Candelario admitted it wasn’t easy. “You have to keep looking at the clock and it was tough to explain our whole business in such a short time,” he said. 

Still, the pitch was persuasive enough to cause the judges — among them alumni Pima Mbwana ’16, Jodi Denman ’88 and Trina VanAtta ’06 MBA ’14 — to award them the largest share of the available funds. 

Instajob, which provides a way for individuals to access better jobs, took home $800, including both the audience choice and sustainability awards.  

Bringing Home the Bacon

Below is a listing of all the products and services pitched during Rev Demo Day and the amount each was awarded: 

Ornaked — $1,000 

InstaJob — $800 

Belle Gloss, a vegan and gluten-free lip gloss company — $800 

Room Me, a roommate matching mobile app — $700 

EnterCare, a temperature detecting doorknob — $500 

Sneakerheadz, a subscription service for expensive shoes — $500 

SharkFinder, a shark-detecting buoy for lifeguards — $400 

biebs_shreds, an Instagram account featuring rock remixes of songs — $300