Responsible Off-Campus Living

By Eileen Roth, October 15, 2021
A message from Eileen Roth, coordinator for residential engagement and independent living residence life.

We are officially halfway through the semester and I am proud of our students, staff and faculty’s hard work in keeping Ithaca College’s COVID-19 numbers low. It is encouraging to know that our procedures and processes have been successful in protecting our IC community from COVID-19. As a community it is important that we remember to protect our larger Ithaca Community as well. As you interact with wonderful Ithaca restaurants, waterfalls and routine trips to the grocery store, Tompkins County Health Department is recommending you wear a face-covering regardless of vaccination status.   

Students must wear a face-covering while in any space on-campus, this includes Residence Halls. It is important we work together to protect our peers, faculty and staff from the spread of COVID-19. For off-campus students it is recommended that you have at least 10 days of supplies in your off campus living space in the event you test positive for COVID-19. This includes toiletries, food and cleaning products. Our food pantry on-campus has supplies you can stock up on to help with an emergency supply of food.  

In the event you’re contacted by a contract tracer, it is important to try and remember anywhere you’ve been in the past day and people you’ve interacted with. Contact tracing is a very important component in keeping our COVID numbers low. As such, it is important to always cooperate and report information accurately when communicating with contact tracers. All protected information shared in these calls is confidential and will not be shared with the Student Code of Conduct Office, nor will it be used against you as part of any disciplinary actions on behalf of Ithaca College as it relates to the COVID Community Agreement. The Health Department also recommends those who are fully vaccinated to be tested on day five of exposure to COVID-19 to see if they are a breakthrough case of COVID-19.  

Be sure to check in on your friends, peers and classmates to ensure that we are all working together towards a common goal to keep our numbers low. Keep up the great work IC!    


Eileen Roth  
Coordinator for Residential Engagement and Independent Living Residence Life